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  • Newbie with Q's.

    Hail CTP2 demigods.

    SOOOO glad to find this site and all its accumulated wisdom. Have red eyes from all the reading ive just done evilgrin- thanks for all the great info/effort: What a learning curve!.

    Some things I couldnt find though:
    1) Is there a list of the bugs the Apolyton mod rectifies?
    2) Will the mod work for games in progress (friend and I have been playing one game for ages)
    3) Is it possible for a host to accept both LAN and net players?
    4) Is there an "etiquette" when playing MP games that newbies should be aware of? Ie to minimise turn lenths etc.

    Such a great game .... going now to hone skills so I don't make a complete git of myself.


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    Hi Mark.

    Welcome to Apolyton. To your questions:

    - Officially, nothing has been set in writing. Believe me, there's so many bugs fixed it'd go over pages. Unofficially, take it that nearly all bugs are fixed (some are hard-coded).

    - No. Well yes. If the game is an original CTP2 setup, it should work. I say this because SAP keeps the original settings. The first time you load your save game through ModSwapper, you need to go to the chat console by typing an apostraphe, and type in "/reloadslic" (without the quote marks). Press ENTER twice and you're off. However, I suggest starting a new game. The AI needs its enhanced settings for the whole game to be competitive during the modern age.

    - Dunno, I'll leave that one for an MP'er.

    - Ditto.

    Good luck.


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      Hi Mark,

      I can try to address your last two questions:

      3. Is it possible for a host to accept both LAN and net players?

      No. It's an either - or setup. Either you are playing over the internet or you are playing over a LAN. The two will not mix.

      4. Is there an "etiquette" when playing MP games that newbies should be aware of? Ie to minimise turn lenths etc.

      Again no, there isn't a hard-coded etiquette (so to speak) when playing MP. Naturally, the best etiquette is to perform your turn as quickly as possible in order to keep the game "flowing" - ie, don't get up and decide to take a shower, or go to the store when you are in the middle of a game!

      Oh, and Welcome on board!
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        When MP players get together they ussually hammer out things like turn length before they begin a new game. You can set various styles of time limits or you can all just agree not to have time limits and just move as quickly as possible so the others don't get bored.
        Try for discussion and debate.


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          Hi Mark,

          for your second question, if you just decide to use only CityMod2 or an other slic based only mod, then you just have to /reloadslic as Dale described. In the cases of the big mods, ApolytonPack, MedPack2, Cradle, WAW and GoodMod you have to start a new game. If you try to continue a game with ApolytonPack that you started with the original game before, you are able to do it but strange things will happen, wonders will ahve an different effect you can't build units that you should be able to build. Dale actual didn't changed the rhules so much, just some fixes, some additions that will add something to the atmosphere, and balance fixes. But he also added a dummy wonder and a dummy advance and that is enough to make it incompartible with old savegames.

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