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CTPII Succession Game; The second go.

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  • CTPII Succession Game; The second go.

    Well it seems we are off and running. So here is the summary of my first 20 moves. We are the Greeks, and are leaded by an endless chain of Apolytons.

    4000; The 1st Apolyton takes charge of his wandering people. They are a large population (2 settlers). In this same year he orders the foundation of Athens, the Capital. The second settler begins the quest to find fertile soil for a seond settlement. On a short trip dowm Apolyton river(next to greece: I found it, I'll name it), they discover a Hut, being ecplores they enter the hut, and persude the residents to jion the Greek cause (we get a third settler). Mean while, Back in Athens Apolyton I orders the commisioning of a new Warrior unit to defend Athens.

    The records are patchy for the nect 100 years....i.e nothing happened.

    3900; One of our Settler units finds 263 gold in an old Hut.

    Life continues as normal for the next 125 years... nothing happens again untill..

    3775; On this day our first military unit is built. A warrior legion. There is much debate over its proper use. Finally, it is decided that it will defend Athen for the time being, as the settlers are peforming the exploration task. Apolyton the orders the building of a great wonder, Ramayana, to testify to the glory of his leadership. It is expected that it should provide many benefits to the Greek civ...and it is better we have it than a rival civ.

    3725; One of our settlers founds a costal city to the north-east, on the mighty river Sean. This city is named Sparta.

    3700; Our explorations of a new fertile region in the south have slowed. It seems there is a large ice sheet; The Antartic. This settler will continue it's search fo a home.

    3500; The settler is still homeless at the sudden yet predictable death of Apolyton 1. He is succeeded by Apolyton 2 (Skeeve).

    NB, we are on a landmass in the extreme south of this world. We have 2 cities and a settler. We are not a an advanced civ, in terms of science, (our researchs continus to work on Bronze Working). Cartographers are unsure of the eventual size of our landmass, (continent vs island[?]).

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    Originally posted by Sean on 04-17-2001 04:49 PM
    3500; The settler is still homeless at the sudden yet predictable death of Apolyton 1. He is succeeded by Apolyton 2 (Skeeve).


    And a great summary Sean! I have finished my reign as Apolyton 2. I will post my summary shortly. Phoenix has the file now.

    - Skeeve.

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      The following is an account of the reign of SKEEVE, Apolyton II, 2nd ruler of the Greeks from 3500-3000BC.

      3500BC: In short yet bloody struggle, Skeeve ascends to power and takes control of the small but growing Greek empire. His first act of rulership is to slash wages across the empire to a barely livable wage. Food begins to be rationed at strict levels, and work hours are increased. Needless to say, the citizens are quite unhappy with this and on the verge of riot. (Yeah, Skeeve's a real B**t**d.)

      3475BC: Our third city, Corinth is built by the band of settlers discovered earlier during the reign of Sean (May he rest in peace). Sparta completed training of a new warrior. Skeeve removes the Granary from the build queue in Sparta, deciding to build another warrior for exploration.

      3450BC: Skeeve has a change of heart and increases food rations across the empire. A good thing, too, because Corinth was on the brink of rioting. Citizens are content, but not pleased as punch yet.

      3450-3350BC: These next 100 years become known as the PAX APOLYTON. It is a time of peace. No barbarians, no enemies, no riots. Citizens are content, finding that hard work can be its own reward.

      3350BC: Capital city Athens builds the first farmland, and with it will surely come an increase in their population.

      3300BC: We discover the secret of Bronze working! Hoplite training replaces warrior training. We will soon be impervious to enemy attacks!

      3175BC: After over a century of exploration, we have met a rival nation... It's the Americans! Curses, they are stronger than us. We will slowly bide our time, build up our strength, and strike them when they are weakest!!

      3100BC: Hiding out in the scrubbrush outside of the American borders we find a troop of Hoplites! They happily join us. Meanwhile in other news, Athens population has increased to around 40,000 dudes.

      3100-3000BC: Relatively quiet for the next 100 years. Not exactly a Pax Apolyton because the Americans are becoming an ever increasing threat. Call it a sort of Cold War.

      3000BC: Terrible news!! Apolyton II, Skeeve is Assassinated in his sleep! The Assassin has not been found. The young nation scrambles to find a new ruler. After much back-stabbing (Political and actual) Apolyton's 3rd ruler emerges: It's PHOENIXCAGER!

      Good luck!

      Edit: Changes suggested in the next message have been made.

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        Well it all looks very promising. Except for those pesky Americans :/
        Just as long as we keep the war out of the "homeland". And the quick discovery of ballistics would ensure victory!!

        This is actually rather exciting, to see how things pan out.

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          I vote that we gear up for war and take the American cities!!
          (Of course, I wanted to during my reign, but it ended too quickly).

          Edit: Maybe during the reign of Apolyton IV & V... It's all in you guys hands now!
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            Skeeve, you seem a bit confused. Apolyton is the name of our civs leager. We are the Greeks.


            A Chronicle of the reign of Apolyton III

            In the year 3000B.C. Phoenixcager ascended the throne of the Greek Nation, taking on the title Apolyton III. This is a record of his reign.

            3000 B. C. Training of a new unit of warriors is completed in the city of Corinth. They are immediately sent North as scouts. We send a unit of warriors+hoplites on a reconnaissance mission of American land.

            2975 B. C. Our wise men begin the pursuit of the knowledge of stone working. A unit of our Hoplites discovers the American city of Philadelphia to the Northeast of Sparta.

            2950 B. C. Our Corinthian warriors stumble uppon ancient ruins, where they find gold.

            2925 B. C. Our warrior+hoplite army discovers the American city of Washington D. C. to the East of Sparta. It is a rather large city of about 50,000. We decide that it is best to avoid trouble, and skirt around its city limits pressing deeper into American land.

            2900 B. C. - 2775 B Further exploration of American land takes place. Our army reaches the other border of the Americans and into unclaimed territory.

            2750 B. C. Our wise men discover the secret of Stone Working. They immediately embark on their next project -- Wrting.

            2700 B. C. The city of Corinth seems to be stagnating in its growth due to the lack of good land. An order is issued for the construction of nets so that the citizens may have food. Meanwhile Sparta builds a granary. Our warrior unit near Corinth stumbles on a band of renegades that is awed by our power and joins our ranks as a hoplite unit.

            2675 B. C. Our Army meets a party representing the Germans. They do not seem friendly, and obviously do not trust us. They choose to escort us for part of our journey. Down south, our new hoplite unit discovers the American city of Boston. It too, seems to be doing well.

            2650 B. C. Our growth efforts at Corinth receive another boost...a granary is built.

            2575 B. C. Bad News!!! The Americans declare war on us. It seems our little forays into their territory have incurred their wrath. A quick check of the power chart shows that they are leading overall, but that we are ahead in military. No blood has been shed at this point.

            2500 B. C. Apolyton III, under pressure from the council of advisors and the people, abdicates. The sceptre of rulership passes on to Octavius III, who will be Apolyton IV even as the fate of the newborn nation hangs in the balance. May he live long and prosper.

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              Note: In order to keep this game flowing, we may need to impose a 72-hour rule. The clock starts when the player sends the file, not when it is received.

              The 72-hour rule should allow for folks to be away all weekend and still be able to play the game and send it to the next player before time expires.

              If there are any objections, let me know, otherwise this should go into effect now.
              Also, if and when the 72-hour rule is violated, it is the responsibility of the 2nd player down the list to write and ask for the file.

              - Skeeve

              Edit: By "2nd player down the list" I mean the guy who's next after the guy who's holding things up. Sorry, I hope that's clear now.
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                Make sure y'all write the time and date (GMT) into your email so the next person knows when their time is up.
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                  This scroll you are reading is an account of Apolyton IV's (Jonny's) reign (2500 BC-2000 BC) over the great Greek Empire.

                  2500 BC - Apolyton IV becomes the ruler of the Greek Empire. I lower rations, but lower workday and raise wages.

                  2475 BC - In this year, we discover writing. We start researching slave labor. Also in this year, we begin a campaign of pillaging the farms around American cities.

                  2325 BC - In this year, the Americans build a new city, named New York, right next to a group of our warriors. The warriors destroy New York.

                  For the next 200 years, not much happens. We continue pillaging farms in American land and begin a troop buildup near the American city of Philadelphia.

                  2125 BC - We complete the Ramayana in Athens. Because of the happiness this wonder brings, we lower rations and wages to the least possible and raise work hours to the most possible, but the people are still content.

                  2075 BC - After gathering together troops near Philadelphia, we attack Philadelphia. Although we lose half of our troops, we capture the city.

                  2050 BC - We discover slave labor. I plan to capture American citizens with slavers to use as slaves. We start researching jurisprudence.

                  2000 BC - After reaching the age of 547, Apolyton IV decides to resign from Greek leadership. He leaves Apolyton V (Immortal Wombat)in charge of the country.

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                    Hello! I have to admit, this is fairly entertaining. It also allows us lesser able ctp2 players learn the tactics of the more able.

                    Thanks again!

                    I use to be indecisive, but now I'm not so sure


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                      "After gathering together troops near Philadelphia, we attack Philadelphia. Although we lose half of our troops, we capture the city."

                      Our first major victory/conquest!! Well done Jonny!! You did well as Apolyton IV...since the rightful heir abdicated, in favour of a holiday.

                      I take it most production is geared toward military production. A swift victory against the Americans should provide us with many advantages against the other civs.
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                        Skeeve, could you please send out an email to everyone in the game that tells everyone's email addresses? The only list I have is from March 28th, and only goes up to the 8th player, Vivala.

                        Someone seems to have played a strange number of years, so they're off a little bit. Here's the play by play for 1800-1300

                        1800 BC - An American assassin broke into Immortal Wombat's bedroom one night and killed him in his sleep. Immediately, a guy named Adam was unanomously elected to be leader.

                        1780 BC - Coronith completes it's 2nd Hoplite and begins production of an Archer to join in the war against the Americans. Production in Athens and Sparta has been changed to Archers. (Sorry to whoever began the pyramids, but in my opinion, I think winning this war is the first priority) The army outside of Washington has been moved back and fortified since they are not strong enough to take Washington. Also, two mines have been built to help support the army.

                        1760 BC - A stray American archer has been killed near Washington. Unfortunately, one of our own warriors was killed in this battle. WE NEED MORE FLANKING UNITS!!! Luckily, two new Archers are on their way.

                        1700 BC - A new Archer is built and sent to join the army.

                        1640 BC - We now have a ton of archers. Once they join up with the other army, I think we'll be able to take Washington.

                        1600 BC - The Greeks discover the technology, Jurisprudence, and begin research on Trade.

                        1580 BC - Philidelphia and Athens have completed City Walls. Philidelphia begins work on a Warrior and Athens starts the Pyramids.

                        1460 BC - WASHINGTON FALLS! With a size 12 army, Washington has been taken. Philidelphia completes it's warrior and starts work on a settler. Two American hoplites are heading towards Athens. I think I'll let them go. If they attack, we are strong enough to defend.

                        1360 BC - The Americans have gone to war with the Germans.

                        1340 BC - Trade has been discovered. Research on Iron Working has begun.

                        1300 BC - Adam has died of very old age.
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                          As requested, I am sending out the current e-mails of players. Check your e-mails.
                          We are back down to 9 players because Smellymummy has decided to drop out and wait for a round #2.

                          Good job with the summary aebbeka. What actually happened to Immortal Wombat, anyway?


                          1360 BC - The Americans have gone to war with the Germans.

                          So they've gone to war with Germany, eh? Too bad we're pummeling them!

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                            Does everyone still have a copy of the game file at the point when they recieved it? If everyone does, after you send the file to the next person continue playing the one you have to the end of the game, then we can post up what each of our individual games did. It would be interesting to see what differences come out. Oh, and just o clarify, we are playing with the origional game with the official patch installed, correct? No mods or anything? Thanks! looking forwards to my turn!

                            Edit: how may turns are we playing for?

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                              We are playing 20 turns each during this phase of the game.