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  • Citysize

    I don't seem to be able to surpass the 60-limit in citysize (at least not in the medium level). This puzzles me somewhat, since the scorebreakdown states that one gets a certain amount of points for cities < 300000, another amount for cities > 300000 and < 1000000, all the way up to a population of 5 000 000!
    How the heck is one supposed to get a city to grow beyond a size of 500? This looks to me that someone made a pretty big mistake while coding the 1.11 patch (which i now use, and it is a sorry piece of code). Am I wrong here? Can one pass the size 60-limit? Have I misunderstood the scorings?

    I also think that including the "conquered civs" x 500 points in the score was a big mistake, because it makes it impossible to have any kind of hall of fame-thingy, since one can simply let a city revolt, then conquer it and get those yummy 500 points and repeat the process over and over again...
    This should've probably been posted in another forum though....

  • #2
    The max size of a city IS 60. The scoring is all messed up as far as rewarding points for cities based on population. I don't think I've ever gotten points for city size over 100,000 even though I've had cities more than double that size.