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Trading - waddya think?

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  • Trading - waddya think?

    I havent heard a lot good or bad about trading. Do you like it? Hate it? (outside the bugs, of course).

    Me, I rather like it. It sure makes it easier to figure whats going where. Seeing a reginal good sorta ties naturally into how trading works. I prefer this a lot over the civ2 "random good" model, where you set up a route and its there.

    I'm not sure if I've getting coins for the piracy that I love to engage in. Can anyone figure a way to tell if this works?

    So, counting good things in CTP2, I'd have to say trade ranks up there with combat and PW. NOW, if they could only fix the AI and the diplomacy, we would have the game of games!

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    I hate the trading system. it has potential but its pathing is out of whack, and I agree that you cant tell if pirating is actually working. There definitely needs to be more types of goods. maybe we can pull some of the good mods from CTP1 and see if they'll work. Oh, and i hate how after I save a game and come back, all the values of my routes drastically decreased.

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