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Tired of Ranting and Raving. Lets talk about the good features of Call to Power 2

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  • Tired of Ranting and Raving. Lets talk about the good features of Call to Power 2

    I love this game. I cant stop playing it now. Once I got use to all the features and got the hang of it its a good game. Here is why I think its a good game.

    -Dont have to place workers in tiles anymore. At first this was my FIRST PET PEEVE about the game. Now that I know how it works I understand it more and think its great now. (something different than the other games)

    -I love the PUBLIC WORKS system. (hated using settlers to build roads etc.)

    -Dont notice the AUTO SAVE working at the end of turn.

    -After getting use to it I finally have the ONE MORE TURN JUST ONE MORE TURN feel of it.

    -The TRADE system is great. Just wished I could make caravans faster. :-)

    What you all think?


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    I think the battle screen and the stacking are the best! Don't know if they are new or were in CTP1 since I did not get that one.


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      One CTP innovation that I like and it's the combat system. I really like the strategy of building an effective army. The second which is probably my favorite is the public works system. Great idea! After using public works it makes it hard to go back to other Civ games. Unfortunately, both of these changes appeared in CTP1 I really can't classify CTP2 as anything other than a patch. If the diplomacy and AI worked as well in CTP2 as Activision said it did then maybe I would could say otherwise.
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        The Samurai Scenario is also quite good. I like the level system. Though it has some serious "bugs" as:

          [*]when my men die in combat but after combat get a level up they are resurrected [*]When someone gets a level up and I regroup my party (cause this isnt done automatically) then I cant do the first order assigned. So I have to give a bogus move order and then do the correct order[*]I lost though I killed the bandit leader. Okay I got killed for myself in the battle but hey. Globally seen it would have been a draw![/list]



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          I have played CTP1 and loved it. never got to finish it though, no time. I wanted to build my space and sea cities so bad. Let my friend borrow the game and he lost it so I never got to play it again. Am I really missing out on building space cities? At least I will get a chance to build my sea cities.



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            I love the game also....tons of fun. Its all ive been playing since I bought it. And that says a lot since I have a hard drive full of games.
            It was my introduction to the genre, and I picked up Civ2TOT in the bargain bin for $15. Havent played it yet, but I plan to get around to it.


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              Have fun with Civ2TOT. It's still the best there is at the moment.

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                well davor, seems like you haven't played CTP1. A lot of the complaints are that CTP2 is a minor extension of CTP1 - so it is a rip-off. And they screwed around and put MORE bugs into this version of CTP1!

                I'm curious - have you ever lost to the AI? That's what most of the other half of the complaints are about