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    Someone on these forums suggested that setting UNIT_WAGES to 4 and BASE_WAGES to 12 (in const.txt) was a good way to fix the problem of runaway gold accumulation. It certainly worked, but I found it made it almost impossible to accumulate any gold at all, and therefore to do any research, even at the easy level. I'm now trying UNIT_WAGES of 2, and BASE_WAGES of 10, and it's better, but I don't think these are yet the right numbers. With these numbers, I found myself completely unable to play as a Republic, and I'm succeeding as a Democracy only because of Galileo's Telescope...most of my cities are losing money, and most of those that aren't generate no science. Ironically, I accumulated so much gold as a Fascist that the fact that I'm losing money as a Democrat is tolerable (at least for now), but still, I don't think these numbers are much better than the game defaults.

    Has anyone else noticed this? Does anyone have any better idea what good wage settings for const.txt would be? Or is the game so badly botched that there is no middle point between continuous boom and permanent deficit?

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    Have you set up some good trade routes yet? You can make a mint off them. Also, trading posts help.

    I'm only in my first game with the new values and really like the way it slowed things up. However, I've been worried about the republic, too. I'll see how it works if I can get there...

    Maybe we can change how the republic works, rather than the money issue.



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      Yes, I've got a lot of good trade going. It helps. I've also built a lot of trading posts, ports, and malls. As far as I can tell, this has not helped a bit.