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  • 2 Quick Questions...

    1st off, I have 2 games going. Both are saved and I flip back and forth between them. When I tried to load one, I found that all the settings had been changed to those of the other game. What happened?

    2ndly, when you use the "Target Nuke" function, is it suposed to make a noise or display something? If so what am I doing wrong to not have it work?
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    Firstly never load a game from within another game quit to the main menu then load up your second game luckily i heard of this before i bought the game and have never done it and i've experienced no bugs with it. The patch 1.1 is supposed to remove this bug so download that.

    Secondly I've only experienced Nukes (oh drool) in the nuclear detente scen. and in that your not supposed to be able to change their targets anyway.I haven't gotten up to nukes in any of my games yet though i am close, so i wouldn't know.

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