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To those who complain about catapults shooting down bombers...

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  • To those who complain about catapults shooting down bombers...

    Ok, guys, solutions are allways better than complains.

    If you find that this issue is anoying for you, solution is:

    In units.txt, take out the capability to attack land from all of the air units you don't like to get down by infantry or something.

    There is a line that states:

    CanAttack: Land (or Mountain)

    Take it out from bombers, fighter and whatever else you don't want to attack ground and instead just bombard it.

    That is the solution. In fact, it is logic; bombers shouldn't be able to attack ground (attack meaning ala ctp2), instead just to BOMBARD it.

    You're welcome

    Candor dat viribus alas.

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    No kidding... Bombers don't strafe.


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      Originally posted by wheathin on 12-14-2000 09:28 AM
      No kidding... Bombers don't strafe.

      How about fighters? They strafe. There should be additional flag "Cannot_Attack_Air" and "Cannot_Counterattack_Air" or some such.

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        Then the game becomes a race to 'Air Power' I would agree that certain early units should not have the ability to damage planes, but starting with at least Infantrymen, that ability should be there to hit planes (this is not an ideal solution, but from a playability standpoint is better than limiting all pre-air units from damaging air units)
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          i have been posting my little tid bit about the fighter and catapult battle.

          four of my fighters attacked a city to strafe units and check out the city defence before the few ground units i had could attack. the city had i think two catapults in it, thats all.

          the catapults managed to shoot down one fighter and almost a second before i retreated, did you hear that??? i had to retreat.

          my idea is that activision gave catapults guided rocks but the idea they can shoot down fighters is ludicrous.

          i agree that bombers should never attack, just bombard, thats a given. but fighters cannot bombard and but they also should not be hit with rocks either. then again i did almost hit an airplane with a golf ball once, hmmmm maybe a catapult can shoot down a fighter......... NOT!

          its a fricken glich just like the tank vs phalanx was in ctp1 , it just needs to be fixed thats all.

          in the mean time ill produce catapults instead of fighters.