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  • hurrah.

    People seem to be going back and forth about balance, diplomacy, etc. but I have a problem with something else:


    When I build a Wonder, I want to get a little thrill of feeling like I've done something. I don't get that from CTP2. These wonder "movies" are not very special. I'd take the Civ II movies over the ones I've seen so far, and the SMAC movies blow them away... they just don't seem like much of an improvement over the CTP1 movies.

    Back a few years ago, when everyone was celebrating then decrying FMV (full-motion video), people eventually came to the conclusion that cut scenes weren't interesting to gamers. However, in TBS games like CTP2, cut scenes are really nice ways to recognize special events (like building a wonder).

    Am I nitpicking here, or does anyone else feel vaguely depressed when they finish the Chichen Itza?

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    I agree. I liked the civ2 movies better... I think because it actually showed the fruits of your hard work. I like the ctp2 movies but they could improve (certainly graphically appealing).

    On another movie note: I finally beat the game by a diplomatic victory and I was a bit perplexed by the final movie. The diplomatic victory movie showed clips of wonders and primarily scientific improvements, which confused me because you don't necessarily need science to obtain world peace. I personally used science with a **** load of nukes on the boarder to threaten them with extinction while I asked for an alliance. So I am curious as to what the science victory movie looks like.