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What's your take on value-added mods vs. barebones CTP?

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    so far 30 for CTP, 30 for CTPII.

    What can I say, Activision certainly needs money, but CTPI without mods is the worst CIV incarnation (which would make it and average game for me -considering that CIV, CIVII are the best this is very poor)... (all the bugs and bad interface - game imbalances) with the mods it turns out to be an excellent game. So actually the free mods made the game have true value, so I would split it 15 barebone + 15 mods. If CTP went out as CTP Med mod 4.0, the game would sell at least twice as much as it did, but probably more.

    CTPII seems to be heading in the same direction, it is better then CTP but still has some fundamental flaws that need to be addressed in the mods, and most of it has already been mentioned on the forums. So I would say 20 activision + 15 mods... (i am giving them this 5 extra since this is a much better game than CTP II at the beginning. (even though the AI is not up to its task.

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  • The Viceroy
    Sorry don't do dollars (Monopoly Money)

    I payed 29.99 for CTP (barebones)

    I guess id put a price on it of 25

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  • Savant
    started a topic What's your take on value-added mods vs. barebones CTP?

    What's your take on value-added mods vs. barebones CTP?

    I've encountered a smattering of comments among disjointed threads where individuals wished to express the value they received from the mods versus from the ATVI base version of CTP1. I thought it might be good to open a thread dedicated to this discussion.

    Of course, there is no mod available yet for CTP2, but it would be interesting to see what value people place on CTP2 "as is".

    So, if you care to lend some structure to this thread, please indicate the dollar value of CTP1 (barebones) and each of the mods you adopted and the dollar value of CTP2 (barebones). Here is an example that applies to me. Estimates should assume "retail" shelf value.

    CTP1 - $20.00
    CD's mod (stand alone) - $10.00
    Wes MedMod4 (with Apolyton pack bundle) - 20.00

    CTP2 - too soon to tell for me.

    As I paid $50 for the barebones CTP1 and got the mods for free , I figure I'm at least even on a "retail" shelf point of view. Others?

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