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  • Linux version of CTP2


    Do you have any idea if, and if yes, when a linux version of ctp2 will be released?

    How long did it take for part1 ?


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    At this time, there are no plans for a Linux version to the best of my knowledge. It's possible Loki is talking to someone here and I haven't heard about it, but not likely.

    CTP1 took them about 3 months I think. If they did do a port of CTP2, it would likely go much faster, as virtually none of the OS specific code has changed. But it's not worth worrying about unless they decide to do it and Activision is still open to it.

    It's possible CTP2 will work under Wine. CTP1 was very very close (in fact, some time before Loki got involved, I got a slightly modified version working well enough to be playable under Wine), and Wine has apparently gotten lots better since then. But I haven't tried it, and I would not recommend buying it expecting it to work that way. But if you buy it expecting to play it under windows and try that and it works, let us all know.
    Joe Rumsey - CTP Programmer


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      If you donate a copy to me I will find out for you - A wiki about computers, with focus on Linux support.


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        I do hope that Loki and Activision will do a release for Linux. A pity they don't come out with a Linux release at the same time because I most assuredly would buy that instead of Windows. As it is in my household, we purchase every Linux game even if we don't intend to play it seriously because we feel that supporting that port is terribly important.

        Of course, I'm probably silly for admitting such. As it stands, the game companies get twice the money from me and I doubt they are adverse to the donations. Ah well.


        "Nature abhors a moron." -- H. L. Mencken
        "Nature abhors a moron." -- H. L. Mencken