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  • Gamespot UK review

    Here are a couple of things I noticed in the Gamespot UK review.


    there's a fine balance between a victory that will immortalise you in the annals of history and a defeat that will consign your race to enslavement

    I never thought of myself as being consigned to enslavement if I didn't have the highest score at the end of the game. Does it say something to that effect if you don't achieve victory in CTP2? When I played Civ2 (I haven't finished my first game of CTP2 yet - it's end of term and there's a tonne of marking to do) I was always happy if I did a good job of keeping my people happy and my borders safe.

    The reviewer also says (unless I'm mistaken) that PBEM and Hotseat were missing from CTP1 and now it's in CTP2. ???????? I certainly don't have it. Is PBEM included in the UK version of the game?

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    PBEM is certainly not available in the UK version of the game .. which does make me wonder why it took so long to get it out here ... It took the mayflower less time to cross the atlantic

    "Wherever wood floats, you will find the British" . Napoleon
    "Wherever wood floats, you will find the British" . Napoleon