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  • Bad German translation

    This is only a minor problem for a senior civer, but I hope Apolyton asks me to translate CTP 3 into German.

    1. The first ship you get is a galley. At least it looks like one. In the german version its "Korvette" = corvette.

    2. A slaver has the option to capture slaves (enslave) In the german version its "Sklavenaufstand" = slave uprising, which is something an abolitionist is doing.
    But the function is OK - he is enslaving.

    I know my English is only good enough for this chat room
    But if they pay a translator, he should think of what he is doing.

    To be continued...
    I am still BC in my first game.
    For those who fight for it, life has a flavour the sheltered never know.

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    Complaints about Translation can be made here:

    Beschwerden über die Übersetzung können hier getätigt werden:

    Es gibt auch eine dt. CtP Fan Page hier:


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