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Poll: What playing- and manager-style?

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  • Poll: What playing- and manager-style?

    Then Activision finally have released their game, many are likely to "review" it here at Apolyton. Now, in order to properly evaluate any single "review" off the game, it could be helpful with some gameplay-style background info.

    - What type of player are you? civil/warlike, perfectionist/expansionist? More? What?
    - What do you emphasize: Resource, economy, food-production, happiness?
    - "Conquer the world" or any civil victory?
    - Do you make use of mayors? Building-queues? None?

    In just a few sentences: describe yourself as civ-type.

  • #2
    Peaceful until someone declares war, then I release the hounds/tanks/string rovers/whatevers.

    And science all the way.
    I don't care how many times you poke it, a bronze spear will not destroy a tank.

    "Do you want sarcasm with that?" - Wally


    • #3
      Peaceful until I,m attacked. Defend until my army is big enough to attack two to three of their cities at which time they normaly ask for peace again. I have always tried to build my empire first so that I have the technological advantage all of the time.



      • #4
        Civilized perfectionist,
        Peaceful as long as possible
        max 25 founded cities; conquer more in end-game
        Extreme micro-manager
        Emphazise on economy/science/resources
        Emphazise on City-improvements
        City-area about 30-50% forrest/mined hills


        • #5
          Expansionist (no. and size of cities), (what's perfectionist, btw?)
          Peaceful as long as possible, then conquer a lot towards the end.
          Emphasis on economy/science
          Emphasis on science/money City-improvements/trade
          City-area about 10% mines


          • #6
            Civilized perfectionist
            Peaceful as long as possible
            Micro-manager, but I use building-queues, never use mayors
            Emphasis on economy/science, City Improvements, and generally on development
            I usually buy cities, and I attack only if somebody really piss me off The fools, they think if I'm peaceful, I don't have army!
            I used to like the good old CityView button; I like to see my cities flourishing and my citizens happy (that's why I like to play Caesar III )
            "The only way to avoid being miserable is not to have enough leisure to wonder whether you are happy or not. "
            --George Bernard Shaw
            A fast word about oral contraception. I asked a girl to go to bed with me and she said "no".
            --Woody Allen


            • #7
              Perfectionist, Slaver
              During peacetime I like nerving my enemies with unconventional attacks. When it comes to war, I like long bloody wars where the outcome is not that clear.
              But anything goes beyond improving my cities (this way, my defense comes often short).



              • #8
                Build many cities in the beginning and make them BIG.
                Trying to be peaceful as long as possible.
                Concentrating on Science.
                Allways loose a city or somthing before I start bulding up my army ..... and taking BIGTIME REVENGE
                Using building queues no mayers.
                Whoooop as at the end of the game

                aCa (a Civilization addict)


                • #9
                  Civilized Perfectionist

                  I'm a peace-lover. War is hell and I'm more of a covert operations enthusiast than a conventional warmonger.


                  • #10
                    Civil expansionist, with an emphasis on production and science (duh!) ... attempt at being peacefull for as long as possible, unless, of course, a civ has something i want, if this is the case, then i will find a valid excuse for war. Diplomatic, supporting allies faithfully, punishing enemies just as faithfully. Always use a "peacefull" victory (I have found the end of a world conquest tedious, as you know what the outcome is going to be, near the end, but you still have a good deal ofbefore you can wipe the planet clean of opposition).


                    • #11
                      I am erratic in playing style, but I do have genocidal tendencies.