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    Originally posted by orty
    also, im having problems with the icons. ive used photoshop, ive got black backgrounds, and the dimensions seem to be correct but during the game, the icons r all "fuzzy"! here is my great library image (as a jpeg file), maybe u can pick up on something i havent?
    Use the Unsharp Mask filter in Photoshop. You'll probably have to experiment with it to get the look you want. Make sure that your object edges are clean too - if you do not have a straight black background behind the object, then you will get stray pixels around the edges.
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      ok, ive made it like the apolyton pack unit. im not very good with numbers, but my intention is to have the cruise missile to be relatively cheap and not too powerful (but enough to kill of a unit such as a marine) so would i need to change any of the numbers to those in the apolyton pack?

      also, ive tried sharpening the image but im still getting that fuzzy look. my edges rnt really clean but ive compared them to other icon images and its not too bad. does it have to be perfect or something?
      but recently i added the Morey Striker into Civ:CtP with icons. i didnt bother "blackening" the background, i just left it as it is (water being the background as they are in CtP2) and it worked! the great library icon comes out perfectly, without black as a background!! it actually has the water as the background! im confused!

      btw. i would just like to thank all u guys for the help uve given me so far. i suck at this so it must require a lot of patience to help me, LOL!!
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