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Ctp2 crashes after save game

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  • Ctp2 crashes after save game

    Hi !

    After not playing for quite a while, I wanted to play Ctp2 again. I intalled it on my new PC (Athlon 2600, Windows 2000).

    Unfortunately it does not work.

    After saving a game the game continues. But when I move a unit I get the error message:

    "Slic Error

    In object CheckForUnit, function _GetUnitFromArmy: Value out of bounds"

    Can anyone halp me with that?


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    Are you playing the Call to Conquest mod?

    edit: And what difficulty level are you playing on?
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      No, I installed only Call to Power II and the patch to version 1.1 (ctp2patch1_11.EXE)
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        That function is used in the tutorial and this shouldn't be happening. If you play on a higher difficulty level you won't get the tutorial and so shouldn't have this problem. But I think that the easiest thing to do is to go to your userprofile.txt in Call To Power 2\ctp2_program\ctp and set "DebugSlic=No". I also think there's a better way of doing this but I can't remember what it is (IW, Martin, Locutus, anybody ?)


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          That helped. Everything is fine now!

          Thanks a lot


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            Originally posted by Peter Triggs
            I also think there's a better way of doing this but I can't remember what it is (IW, Martin, Locutus, anybody ?)
            If the army array is used, an army valid check could solve the problem. But I have rather the feeling that with the variable copying process went something wrong. And indeed the function CheckForUnit may not work as expected:

            Important note! As this documenation is being prepared, the first patch for CTP2 is about to be released. Unfortunately a bug with functions was discovered too late to fix. Specifically, in some cases, using members of unit, army, city, and location variables that are function parameters may not always work as expected. There is, however, a workaround. Copy the function parameter to a local variable and use that variable instead.
            Yes the function parameters in the function aren't copied to local variables. Another bug we should add to the list.

            So parameter copying and army valid check should fix the problem.

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