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    Hello Apolytoners!

    After almost a year and a half, I am getting reacquainted with CtP II (and the shipped AI, ugh!) After such an extended leave from the modification scene, I was wondering if you guys could help me out by pointing me towards those "indispensible" mods and scenarios to add depth and realism to my game. I see that the Apolyton Pack is now "Super", and you can bet I'll be playing the AI mod again, but it's always good to get the scoop from the guys who've been here all along. Thanks, and I hope to burn your cities and enslave your people real soon ...

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    Welcome back KingChamberPot...

    The mods you need depend on what you are expecting.

    If you like the original game, the SAP2 and Martin's GoodMod will provide you a better challenge thanks to their Improved AI.

    If you feel like a warmonger, Peter's latest Mod "Call to Conquest" and Dale's "World at War" are made for you.

    The greatest challenges are thought to be the "Cradle of Civilizations" and Wes' "Medieval Mod" though the later one seems a bit outdated (I have never played these mods myself).

    Don't forget to download ModSwapper if you want to Install these mods and you should also download and install Peter's latest version of the Unit Updater which is increasing the challenge and easing the flow of the game.
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      Thanks, Tamerlin!

      Actually, I like a bit 'o everything... Conquer and subjugate my neighbors until my borders are secure, then build massive cities and trade routes galore such that none may buy or sell unless they wear my mark

      Of course, a standing army of millions poised to crush any resistance is invaluable as well.

      One more question: Can any of the mods be used in conjunction, i.e. an AI mod and a city sprawl mod?

      Thanks again...


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        Many (correct me if I'm wrong) if not all of the major mods, incorporate improved AI. I've never used the city sparwl mod, but it is my understanding that it can be used with any of the major mods, though some tweaking may be necessary.


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          Oh, and to add to what Tamerlin said...

          Cradle's AI is a killer Cradle adds another 3000 years to the early game, and a ton of other additions. It is primarily focused in (you guessed it) the ancient period, but is playable to the end.

          Medmod, focuses primarily on the medeival, has a ton of additions to the game. I don't find its AI to be as "mean spirited" as it is in Cradle.

          World at War, is a WW1 to WW2 era mod and its AI has been known to kick the @@$#$@ out of the human player (happend to me the first couple of times that I tried it ) This is probably one of my favorites.

          I've never played Call to Conquest, but I've heard only good things about it.

          Super Apolyton Pack, is CTP2 the way it should be (if Activision hadn't rushed out the game) and if you add GoodMod to it, it makes for a very enjoyable experience.

          Try them all, you're sure to love them