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    I never build granaries in any of the mods, reason being that the growth that you gain, is much less profitable in a small city like that, which would be much more easily gained by slavers.

    I generally just keep churning out military units, if my city is built near mountains and/or slow-moving terrain i build ranged units, if its in the open, grassland/plains, i build defensive units. In cradle i just keep churning out spearmen though. And try to end each of my units turns on a good defendable terrain.

    Depending on the mod ill go for a settler when i feel ive got enough defence around my city, and also depending largely on the barbarians setting, ie if its just "ruins only" go for a settler after about 2/3 military units. That covers about the first 15/20 turns.
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      Yes, I think this guide is an excellent idea
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