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strange bugs in cradle mod, plz help

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  • strange bugs in cradle mod, plz help

    hi, i recently downloaded the cradle mod and all of the necessary components (apolyton mod, official patch, modswap) and i've experienced some strange bugs. the first seemed to trigger when ever one of my cities reached size 59 and was about to flip to 60. whenever this happened, all of my cities would experience a sudden shrink- that is, they would lose 10-20 citizens from their population! this happened everytime one of my cities was about to flip to 60.. can anyone explain what happened??

    also, after playing my current game until about 2200 A.D., it suddenly started crashing whenever i hit end turn. i can load it from 4 different save points with identical results. the error message is identical to the one you get with a memory leak when programming C++.. whats going on, and is thre anyway to fix this? i had a fantastic game and would like to see it through!

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    I wasnt aware Apolyton pack was necessary for Cradle.

    Ive had the sudden crash on a late turn in a game too, i even tried old crashed saves on fresh installs of CtP2 and it still crashed, so i think thats just to be accepted sometimes. I dont think its common though.

    Havent encountered losing 10-20 citizens suddenly at any time before, but then i havent reached 60 citizens in cradle before.
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