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Pollution - game difficulty = Medium

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  • Pollution - game difficulty = Medium

    Of the 4 games I have played so far I have noticed that pollution starts
    to kick in around city size~20 and/or production ~300. Is this correct?

    I am basically up to The 'Tank Advance' on the chart, and and the advances for the pollution inhibitors are a fair way off. Is is normal to have ~200 pollution points each (pop and prod) til these advances arrive?

    The AI's cities are always ahead of me and when I capture them, they are pumping out heaps of pollution. And I always have to fix them up so they are not flagged red in ther National Mgr. But I must admit, it's cities are always good for cranking out your army. I guess I need to progress through the advances quicker and get more money.

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    I think the AI is set up to more or less ignore pollution and to simply keep churning out lots of fighting units. This stretagy servers it well in the cradle mod but with the default version the Ai doesn't know how to use all of it's units so it simply creates lots of pollution and shuffles it's units around.

    If you want to reduce pollution build things like mass transit and bully the AI with demands that you'll declare war if he doesn't reduce pollution. That should help out some what.
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      The AI ignores pollution as log as it does not hurt the happiness level of the cities enough. If cities are unhappy than the AI will reduce the global sliders. It does not use entertainers. So a not maxed out production slider will also reduce pollution, and increase happiness.

      Another question I am just curious which mod are you playing?

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        Yes, which mod you are using is key because the amount of pollution does very between the standard game, the patched game, and the different mods.
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