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  • Can you help me???

    I have a problem... can you help me?? I' m desperate; I have bought the game Call to Power 2, I have installed exactly without problems, but when I play after about five minutes the game blocks itself: in a window appears the message "Gu03.SPR not found in asset tree"... how can I do??? I tried many times, I have fully uninstalled and then reinstalled all, but the problem does not disappear.

    The file always isn't the same; one time is "GU03.SPR", another time is "GC030.SPR", etc... I've tired with the patch too... it blocks always after five minutes!!!

    HeLp Me Please!!!!!!!

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    Hmm, that's very odd. You bought it in the store, installed it by the book and the first game you played (without installing mods or patches or anything) you get this message? Very strange... my only explanation would be that the CD was damaged or something.

    The problem is that the game can't find a certain file. I could easily email this file to you and the game will continue just fine but if one file's missing there might be more or there might be a bigger problem. Is there anything unusual about your game? Any errors during installation, anything?
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      Thanks Locutus for your help, but seems that I have resolved the problems. I have reinstalled Windows, so now the game is not going to block. I hope that I'll never see that errors....


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        weird.... but good to see you managed to fix it anyway
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          So the error was actually in the configuration of your operating system and not in CTP2? Hmmm, odd indeed.
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            I've had that problem before with other games....certain files would not install or wouldn't be loaded when the games were booted up.Nothing like a reformat and Windows reinstall to solve the problem,though
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              Yes it was a fault of operating system... well, the game now goes perfecly, and I haven't problems... I'm going to play to Ctp2!!!
              Thanx for all help!!!