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  • Wonder Movie Bug

    Oh yes, one other thing. I think I would enjoy watching the wonder movies, but I always have to turn them off because after they play, the movie stays in the middle of my screen and I can't figure out how to get it to go away. Is this a bug or am I doing something really dumb. There is no close button on the window and the game continues playing as if this big huge window isn't sitting in the middle of the screen. It is really irritating. My station is a Win2K machine but I have installed on my old Win98 machine with the same result. Any help would be appreciated!


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    Did you try just clicking on the window after it finishes playing or pressing Enter? Although that might make you skip a turn. I dunno.


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      Yeah, just click the window. I remember trying all sorts of far more complicated things.. ..then I just clicked on it! Doh!
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        I think they expect people to figure that one out.


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          That fixes it! Thanks! I had tried clicking on the border of the window, just never the movie itself, I guess. Anyway, that will make the game a little more fun at least!