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  • CPT II wanted

    I'm looking to buy CTP II, but since according to everyone, it's a very lousy game, i would want to get it cheap. Any suggest?
    or, if someone wants to sell, email me at

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    CTPII is a really good game after you download all the files at Apolyton. If you want a game that resembles the original civilization don't look to CTPII, it's close but this close to the release of Civ III I wouldn't bother with it, unless you really really want it.


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      Well, I'm not sure what country you're in Dida,
      but if you're in the U.S., whatever you do, do not pay more than $14.99 for CTP2.

      Even below that price... if you can wait for CIV3, then by all means wait! After that, CTP2 won't be worth a Blank CD that it's program is written to.
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        Civ3 is going to be sooo over-hyped its untrue. And then people will realise that a good AI is impossible, and go back to whatever they were playing before.
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          Don't buy CTP2, its only cool for a couple of months, wit for Civ 3 & get CTP2 off a friend.


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            Several months is al we need, taking in acount reviews saying C3 is going to be here October 25.
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