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  • Science victory

    Has anyone succeeded in a science victory? I have built more than the minimum number of obelisks/satellites etc, and it seems from the Gaia interface that I should be able to "launch" something. But I can never launch, and never get a victory. What am I, or CTPII, doing which is wrong?

    Paul Williams

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    As I understand it, you need to get a 60(odd)% coverage of the worlds surface, with the obelisks. Then you can launch, and victory shall be yours.
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      Obelisks are the real trick.
      If you can't cover the world's surface >60% with them, then you may need to build a Sea-City or even go to war with a neighbor to gain the territory in which to build an Obelisk.

      Also, don't forget that even after Launch, you still have to wait out the 10 turns.

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        Some days ago I have succeeded in a science victory for the first time...
        (Im just beginning to play it). Just to see a ~17 seconds movie. *Hours* of gameplay culminating with an epic (miserable) clip of 17 sec!!

        Keep the save file to see this "great" clip w/o playing all over again until the very final tech available.