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Help with Alternate Scifi Mod (by BlueO) images

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  • Help with Alternate Scifi Mod (by BlueO) images

    The first problem to pop up is the image for the Spy Mistress... just clicking on the name in the build queue crashes the game.

    I can't find the images anywhere... would someone please tell me what files I need to download, and where from?

    Thanx... I've tried to gather all the bits of this mod from the corners of the internet, but I can't find anything more and this problem still pops up.

    - Paranoia

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    Hi Paranoia,

    are you shure you downloaded every file from
    There are four files you need to download:
    Ancient Amazons
    Renaissance Amazons
    Hi-Tech Amazons
    Hi-Tech Sci-fi Units
    I downloaded every file and put them in the correct folders.
    I got all three images of the spy mistress. And of course all the images of the other units and the sprites. At least I put the spy mistress on the map by cheateditor without any problems.

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