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Help with making a huge map

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  • Help with making a huge map

    I was trying to change the Consts.txt to load a huge map. I want a map 240 X 240 if that is possible. I change the consts.txt and the map.txt to 240 x 240, however the computer crash each time I tried to start a new game. I download "habitualuser" thread "changing map size" but it will not work for me. Can someone guide me through the process. How many file do I need to change? Thank you joe


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    Try changing it up to 210 x 210 - that will probably solve your problem.
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      the size of the map isn't the problem... if you changed the const.txt file let's see exactly what you did... can you post the area that has the change in it? I've done 1000x1000 so size isn't a problem. Also what is your computer power and ram... that may cause a problem... but my guess is that you mis-changed the file.


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        OmniGod thank you. I will post it tonight after I get home from work 4 pm pacific time.



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          First I went to the below Const file and changed "MAP_SIZE_GIGANTIC TO READ 240 240 2 INSTEAD OF 70 140 2"

          # These map size settings must all be defined,
          # and in this order
          MAP_SIZE_SMALL 26 52 2
          MAP_SIZE_MEDIUM 48 96 2
          MAP_SIZE_LARGE 64 128 2
          MAP_SIZE_GIGANTIC 70 140 2
          ## Super Large Map

          and then I went to the below MAP file and also change it to read "240 240" instead of 70 140
          MAP_SIZE 70 140 {
          # Very Large(Gigantic) Map - 0% Continents/Islands

          when it did not work I made serveral changes trying to get something to work. I restore the map file to 70 140 and just try to make changes to the const file only, however nothing worked until I finely retored both files to the original setting.



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            This is the only changes I made in my files for map size... I didn't bother with the other changes suggested in the forums for making random larger maps since I don't play the game that often anymore, I make more than I play.


            # These map size settings must all be defined,
            # and in this order
            MAP_SIZE_SMALL 50 50 2
            MAP_SIZE_MEDIUM 999 999 2
            MAP_SIZE_LARGE 400 400 2
            MAP_SIZE_GIGANTIC 210 210 2

            My suggestion would be to make only this change, and if that doesn't work then reinstall and make only this change then add the mods you presently have...


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              Or the Golden Rule I was taught..allways..ALLWAYS have a 1:2 ratio..

              notice how all the parameteres are 1:2..ratio

              MAP_SIZE_SMALL 26 52 2 <<<<<26 X 2 =52..1:2 ratio)
              MAP_SIZE_MEDIUM 48 96 2 <<<<<48 X 2 =96...1:2 ratio)
              MAP_SIZE_LARGE 64 128 2 <<<< MAP_SIZE_GIGANTIC 70 140 2 <<<

              .I have a 250 500 2 map works fine

              try going by that rule..maybe that is problem?

              Good luck


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                I will give it a try.

                Thank you very much