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Is the HInt Book any good?

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  • Is the HInt Book any good?

    Hello all again. I was wundering if anyone bought the hint book. I looked at it and didnt really see anything helpfull in there to put down $30 to get it. Is it really worth it. What does it really offer besides some charts that are already on the tech poster.

    It is so much cheaper just using the Apolyton forum for questions but sometimes I cant use the net cause someone else is using it and thought it would be good to have at my finger tips.

    What you say?

    Thanks Davor

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    I leafed through it at a store and knew after that, that I was NOT going to waste money on it.

    Basically, this "strategy" guide is the manual that Activision did not ship with the game.

    What we got with the game instead is an extra-large phamplet.
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      I agree with you 100%. I did that and thought I might have been missing something when I flipped through it. I guess my opnion is the same as yours.