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The diplomacy/frenzy mod!

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  • The diplomacy/frenzy mod!

    Well, here's the one you've been waiting for!

    I would like to introduce the new Diplomacy/Frenzy mod. Written by Dale (diplomacy) and BlueO (frenzy).

    I need someone with a website to host it for me, I don't have one. Here's the readme.txt for a teaser.

    // Diplomacy/Frenzy script AI for CTP2
    // Diplomacy by Dale
    // Frenzy by BlueOrange
    // Other MODS by Dale
    // Finished: 14-Jan-2001
    // Free for public use and modification


    readme.txt - This file
    ctp2_data\default\aidata\diplomacy.txt - Updated diplomacy models
    ctp2_data\default\aidata\Goals.txt - Updated goals
    ctp2_data\default\aidata\ImprovementLists.txt - Updated improvement lists
    ctp2_data\default\aidata\strategies.txt - Updated strategies
    ctp2_data\default\aidata\UnitBuildLists.txt - Updated unit lists
    ctp2_data\default\gamedata\diplofrenzy.slc - SLIC script for changes


    1 - Unzip files to Call to Power 2 install directory.
    2 - Open ctp2_data\default\aidata\script.slc in notepad.
    3 - Change #include "diplomacy.slc" (at end of script) to #include "diplofrenzy.slc"
    (I have included new eventhandlers for the ones in diplomacy.slc)
    4 - PLAY!


    1 - New diplomacy models for AI to AI and AI to HUMAN interaction.
    - AI will not by default refuse another AI's proposal.
    - AI has higher priorities for making proposals. This makes the AI make proposals.
    - AI's with same governments are more likely to become friendly.
    - AI's of different governments will be more neutral.
    - AI/Human interaction will be more agressive/demanding.
    - AI's in FRENZY will only consider/respond to Cease-fire treaties.
    - Increased AI priority to build embassys with others.
    - AI will build slightly more diplomats.

    2 - BlueOrange's FRENZY script.
    - Implemented into new diplomacy model.
    - Changed so possible to return from FRENZY level 4.
    - In FRENZY, AI's will consider a cease-fire (returning them to normal diplomacy and FRENZY level 0)
    - Changed HateLevel so FRENZY level 1 begins at 15. (This allows normal diplomacy from AI when all you have is a

    border skirmish)

    3 - Other changes I saw as nice ones.
    - AI will build cities in 'nicer' areas.
    - AI will defend cities with more units.
    - Increased road desirability. (Causes slightly more roads to be built by AI)
    - Increased maximum amount of special units build by AI. (Needed so AI could build diplomats)


    1 - Increase AI timeslices in const.txt.
    2 - Play on larger maps. My diplomacy model works better on them.
    3 - Don't play with an un-modified version of CTP2, it's no challange.


    After playing a couple of games with the new models in force I noticed the following:

    1 - AI's will now generate positive regard for other AI's (increasing likelihood of treaties/alliances)

    2 - Due to internal programming settings of the game, it is actually pretty hard for an AI to have a treaty with another AI.

    The problem lies in that to consider a treaty an AI is not allowed to have been in a square controlled by the considering AI

    for at least 5 turns. Knowing how the AI plays (roaming through your area and fortifying units near you) this becomes a slim

    chance. However, I found the bigger the map, the better this chance is. Especially for AI's that are on opposite sides of

    the map. So, though it didn't occur very often, a treaty can exist to the best that SLIC can do. Maybe Activision can do

    something about this setting in a patch?

    3 - As an AI increases in frenzy, it kills more of your units/cities and drops back down again. Then when the time is right

    it will consider a cease-fire with you, thus ending the war. Wars become longer, harder to fight, and more intense. But

    there can be an ending to the war.

    4 - Once a war has started, the AI will not accept any proposals. I had to do this because there is no way to check if two

    players are at war/peace/ally or whatever. Therefore, only the AI will initiate a cease fire.

    5 - The AI built slightly less cities, but because they were in a 'nicer' area the cities were better.

    6 - When entering war, you can't just sit on your ass and wait. You have to kill off the AI's productive power quickly.

    This will increase frenzy, but a protracted war only benefits the AI.

    7 - The game in general is a freaking lot harder!!!!!


    I hope you enjoy the mods I made. Thanks to BlueOrange for the FRENZY script. If you have suggestions/comments, email me.


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    I'll take a copy, if you don't mind

    Rich - that would be "email" me a copy.
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      wow this actually makes the ai attack you.Wow ive tried editing txt files but what is this frenzy thing it sounds like the main thing in this.where can i download it?

      could you mail it to me too if it isn't too big
      " mind over body "
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        You do know how to get one's attention!

        Has OmniGod decided to post this great-sounding mod on his King Arthur website?

        If not, let me know if you would need my e-mail address.
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          He has decided, and is waiting for it... as for now I only have the frenzy part in the mods section. Come and get it for now Hopefully the diplomatic one will be there in a day.


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            I unzipped this mod to this directory: Activision/Call to Power II/ctp2_program/ctp

            Is this where the Install directory is? I have not located an actual folder directory called Install. So did I unzip it to the correct directory?

            Thanks for any help you guys.
            A lot of Republicans are not racist, but a lot of racists are Republican.