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Someone MP with me?

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  • Someone MP with me?

    Hey ya'll
    I bought the game like two days ago and I'm kinda getting it. But I still have many doubts and I think it would be great to have someone playing with me and teaching me some stuff as we play.
    Unfortunately, Cable Modems here in South America are WAY TOO expensive. So I've got a Dial-Up connection, though I think the connection speed doesn't affect a strategy game as it affects a Half-Life multiplayer game for example.
    I hope there is someone with some free time and some patience! :-)

    Please reply, even if u think no one will be crazy enough to come play with me!

    P.S.: I'm no good at the game, so patience is extremely required! Still I'm no stupid...just a beginner!

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    depending on when your available to play, I'd be willing to mp. We have two computers networked from here, so we could easily make it a three way game as well.



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      I might be able to play with you... I have been looking for someone to play with... I would like a game involving 3-4 players if possible.

      Send me an email...


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        What about a MP game this weekend, january 12 and 13th?
        Send me an email to
        Apolyton QuickStart for CTP PBEM