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What do you get buying CTP2

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  • What do you get buying CTP2

    I'm one of those hundreds of people who have waited for this wonderful game to come and just don't know if it's worth the money. I have a ripped version one my harddrive but I want movies and posters
    What do you get in the package if you buy it?
    Are there any good videos to watch?
    Is the multiplayer update coming soon?

    Thanks for answering /RaSz

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    ROFLLLLLLLLLLMAO... So it's YOU!!!! It's all YOUR fault!!! Hangon, let me get back up off the floor... HaHaHaHa *Snort* HaHaHaHa.... Eeeeeei, I have tears in my eyes!!! Just a sec, I'm gradually getting myself together. It's ppl like you that make the game more expensive in the FIRST PLACE!!!! ....Haaaaa Haaaaa Haaaaa *snort* Haaaaaaa... ROFLLLLMAO LOL LOL LOL *hehe*

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