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I HATE WHEN THIS.....but I'll live

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  • I HATE WHEN THIS.....but I'll live

    The AI cheats. I expect that. But all I want is a fair shake and a fun game. When the AI really cheats it pisses me off.

    I've noticed in many games that the AI seems to have a large amount of cities, superior technology and a butt-load of troops while my people are still inventing the ****ing wheel. So I went into cheat mode on a few games and looked. The AI had at least twice as many cities as I did! HOW? >cheating< The kicker is most of them were farmed and had mines but it was about 2000 bc.

    Now, maybe I'm not as good at this game as most of you, but its a little disconcerting to have the AI show up at your poorly defended size 4 city with a stack of hoplites demanding gold. Dare I say it...its unfair. If I were to cheat anfd give myself extra stuff it wouldn't be a problem. So game after game I had to start anew in order to survive. I realize I'm *****ing and being whiney and that others will probably say deal with it (and I shall...I do enjoy the game) but it really cheeses me off. At the beginning of each game I'm terrified that the AI will make an appearance with a ****load of troops and destroy my civ. (though if I were to survive one of these matches it would make winning all that sweeter)

    If anyone has any advice I'd love to hear it. I play at hard level with at least 6 to 8 civs and I really want a science victory. Until next time, my droogies, keep on keepin' on.

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    No offense man, but i think you have to start lower. You know, there is a lot of complain here about the AI beeing too easy... so, just consider yourself at the funniest side of the river....

    i mean, you will have (with default setup) a lot more playability than most of us, because AI still beats you. So, enjoy beeing beaten by AI. I mean it.

    I suggest you start at easy level and try some "stabilization" strategies early on (build up good defenses, at least one "mobilized" army (hanging around, outside cities, to counterattack any attempt).

    After beating at easy, it will be funnier at the highest level. In a month or so, you will be asking again how to improve the AI. In the meanwhile, please...


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