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How do I get the Science win?

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  • How do I get the Science win?

    OK, I got the Gaia Controller Advance, built the Solaris Project Wonder, built a bunch of Gaia Controllers and now I've been cranking out the satellites for about 100 years - I musta built 200 of these things. It's the year 2301 in a Medium game and nothing is happening. What gives? The manual is really vague about what is needed for the win.

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    I got exactly the same problem. I am in 2268 i've made the solaris project. I'm in Hard mode. I got like 45 cities and in all of them i've made a gaia controller and one obelisk. The gaia controler tells me that I cover like 43% of the map !
    What should I do, to win that ***** game ?!


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      You need 60% of the map covered with obelisks.
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        another question....
        how to raise the radius of the obelisks ?



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          The EndGameObjects.txt file defines the minimum and maximum numbers of Satellites needed as 10 and 20 respectively.

          Based on that, it then defines the Obelisk radius depending on the number of Satellites. The radius is 5 if you have the minimum # of Satellites and 8 if you have the maximum.


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            I've got 71% of the map covered and something like 32 Gaia controllers and sats and the game is still going. What am I doing wrong?