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2300AD too short a time to build?

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  • 2300AD too short a time to build?

    Hello, having watched the 1st CCTP board for six months before buying it and loving it, I have a questien based on playing my friends copy which may influence this purchase of CTP2.

    In the first one you could just reach for anything it seemed that there was always time to build alot of stuff. In this new one for example, I set a goal target like Robotics, wanted my war walker :?) but I will be danged if by time I reached that or any goal the game was over with the score being tabulated. I know I could continue, but what fun is that. In the first one at least I could get acheive mostly anything I aimed for while heading for the Alien Technology. Isnt this a bit of a drawback. Would appreciate comments on this.

    P.S. If you are in the USA Frys Electronics has it on sale for 30.00 US$. Would like to have reason to snag it at that price

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    I don't feel it is too short. SMAC had only 400-500 turns before game's end, and that really wasn't all that short, given the amount of micromanagement involved with that game.

    I know that in other CIV games you can change the number of years until game's end, but I haven't checked for this one yet.


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      Supposedly, on the higher levels, CTP2 goes 900 or so turns, as opposed to the 450-500 in CTP1.
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        Alright I figured it out, CTP2 on beginner is 1100 turns, on easy 1000 turns, on medium 900 turns, and so on you get the point. But trust me it is at least 3 times longer then the first.


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          too short? im shocked? i thought that the genetic age and the last age are pretty irrelevant [even on the impossible, gigantic, 24 players]. With the addition of many turns conquering civs is pretty easy, you have quite a lot of time to build up an army and smash away.