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Will Activision tell us UK release please?

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  • Will Activision tell us UK release please?

    There seems to be some confusuion in the UK about the CTP2 release date.

    Will Activision kindly clear this up for us?

    Is it the 24th Nov or the 8th Dec?

    The UK is a large games market and I don't think it's unreasonable for us to expect a straight and prompt answer from Activision. The game is released in the US so a UK release date should be decided also, by now.

    And what about Continental Europe? They are a huge market for games too and a release date for them too shouldn't be too much to ask.

    Come on, Activision, these people are willing to fork out serious cash to buy your new game. We only want to know when we'll have a chance to do so. Don't keep us in the dark.

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    you're totally right.....please give us european gamers a release date !!!!!!!!!!!


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      How conveniant. Activision have forgotten Europe exists.

      Then when they finally release the game they'll expect us to buy it.

      I was enthusiastic about the release of CTP2, but they just seem to care about the States.

      ...And if the British Commonwealth and its people live for a thousand years, man will still say "this was their finest hour"- Winston Churchill.


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        That does seem to be the case.

        I've be complaining about the lack of a release date for the U.K. and the Continent on a couple of threads now and haven't heard so much as a peep out of Activision.

        It's a poor do, and I'm not impressed.

        They could at least explain why the original release date (today) seems to be bogus - the actual date appears to be the 8th December. But they can't even be bothered to do that!



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          What did Activision say when you emaeled e'm? You did email 'em right?
          I don't think I've seen anyone from the merketing and distribution sections of Activision posting here, but I didn't take a good look.


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            I've not e-mailed Activision UK directly because there doesn't seem to be an Activision UK e-mail address (or even a Activision UK website). If anyone knows of such, please inform me and I will contact them directly.

            I was just hoping that one of the Activision US crew, who do look at these posts, would spot my thread and respond to our queries on the release dates in the UK and continental Europe.

            But I've had no luck so far - they seem to be ignoring us.