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  • Luck

    For anyone who enjoys CTP (and ctp2) as a strategic game, please let Activision know that they should have an option for removing the "luck factor" from multi-player games. This can be done by having an option for turning off ruins and also for randomly ranking the players in terms of "best starting position" so that the host computer doesn't have the big advantage.

    Please post follow ups to this to show your thoughts/support for this.

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    my big question
    why in games like age of empires 2 the generator map
    build same land for all and in ctp some players start in the desert and some in mountains with rivers????.
    i agree with yoda and i think we need same land for all .it's fun start in the desert or in iceland if we play alone but if is a tourneys game you guys lost the game.after that you guys say "i lost the game because it is a bad start for me".activision guys please build strategic games we dont need luck all we need is same land for all


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      You mean to tell me that after all of the request for ruins to be a configurable option we were all ignored (again!)?

      Big Dave

      Fool me once, shame on you.
      Fool me twice, shame on me!
      Any flames in this message are solely in the mind of the reader.


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        Yes, I know. You're all going to thump me good with this one but ... I like it when I occasionally get a bad start. This is very similar to real life. Since when do we get to choose when and where we're born? Now take notice ... I don't like to see this a lot, just once in a great while.

        With that said, I can fully appreciate the arguments above regarding the same starting land configuration for all players (as well as turning off the huts). These options should be available ... not because I'd use them ... but because it would hopefully cut down on all the whining. There are far too many posts and arguments dealing with this "I had a bad start" syndrome. Sheesh, you'd think a million dollars was at stake! ;-)