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  • best starting position

    So, I want to know where you guys look to start your empires...grasslands...rivers...plains...forest... what combinations do you look for when starting a new city...what do you consider acceptable to start a new city with...and what will you absolutely not start a city in (tundra, etc...)


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    a mix between grasslands and plains is the best place. A river is an added bonus. Always try to get trade goods such as cotton and animals etc in as well. If possible, try to get some mountains for production. I never build on or near tundra. As for forests, they don't yield a whole lot but there are lots of it so many times I have no choice but to build around it.


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      It seems the forests/jungles have a lower yield than how it was in ctp1.
      I used to just settle anywhere near forest/river, and I could expect those tiles to produce plenty of production for a long time to come. Doesnt seem that way now though.

      Anyone else noticed this?