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Hello all !

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  • Hello all !

    Hi all ! I'm new there First of all, happy celebrations to all !
    I'm from France, a big fan of Civilization series !

    I would have a 1st question about CTP 2 :

    - How to edit a civilization ? and the cities names ?

    My forum in Fr. :
    In English :

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    Welcome Phil!!!!!! I am new to these boards as well but the I have noticed that these players are a great bunch and offer great advice and are quite friendly!!!



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      editing a complete civilisation is I imagine, quite an undertaking - i would suggest going over to the CTP2 Creation/Modmakeing etc forum and have a good read of all the FAQ's + info there.

      As for changing a city name - simply click on the name(in game) and you should get a pop up tab - look on this list and click 'rename', simple as that
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        There is a file called civ_str.txt in ...\ctp2_data\english\gamedata, (the english might be "french" on yours obviously) you can change the names of the civs and default city names there, to humourous effect
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          thanks much for your nice replies
          My forum in Fr. :
          In English :


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            Hi Phil, welcome aboard!

            As Child of Thor suggested it you should have a look at the FAQ thread, you will learn everything you need to know about CtP2... and even more!
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              Welcome on, I'm pleased to see more players coming!
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