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    So what is the basic diference between the super apoly pack and say the "med mod'? Also how bout some of those city mods? Can you combine em or do I install one and play and go and install say a city mod and play it but not with Med or apoly? I am using super apoly now and enjoy it but am now looking for a bit of diversity, can you recomend one? Granted I am not a 'great' player but learning fast. I am wondering if I install one 'mod', will I have to reinstall my game or no? If you could without a whole lot of bias ( if possible) please tell me your mod preferences and why you like em....

    Thanks for bearing with me..


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    CityMod is one of the earliest mod of CTP2 basicly you can now find it in all mods like ApolytonPack, MedPack2, Cradle you only need it for GoodMod if you don't have ApolytonPack, to make the downloads small I made GoodMod as an addon mod.

    You don't have to reinstal your game if you installed one mod just use ModSwapper to switch between mods.

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      So what is your preference? Can you make large maps with Medmod? Or Longer games? Is the AI better in Med than in apoly and are the fixes that are in apoly also in Medmod?



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        The two mods are different. MedMod I love for some great concept it introduces, like Elite Units, etc. Map sizes can actually be changed no matter which mod you use.

        The main thing about the MedMod is that it changes the middle ages a lot, adding tons of new stuff - which means that it will take longer to get to the Industrial Age.
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          So with med your game takes longer?

          Can you 'extend' the length of the game? That is I dont mind staying in the middle ages as much as I would like to play thru to the other techs. Would I need to tinker with the script to extend the game length? Also does Med have the same AI/features that came with the apoly pack? Since I am learning what would you suggest I keep playing on? Apoly or Med?



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            The MedMod has a much bigger tech tree than SAP and takes a lot longer to go through, so games generally speaking take much longer to finish.

            It has some of the same AI changes as the SAP but not all, and vice versa.

            As to which one to play: easy, play both!
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              Memod does not change only the middle ages. It has 60 new techs (thats how they increased the time leght). It increases a lot of the modern age and ancient age too.
              Not only that but it also adds dozens of new units, 5 new improvements, 3 new governments and new features like the spoke Elite Units.

              have a look in this thread it sumarize all mods and scenarios
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