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    i dont fully understand the difference between the PW system in Civ:CtP and CTP2

    in Civ:CtP, do you only put PW on tiles your workers are on? where as, in CTP2, u can put PW on every tile around your city because your "workers" use every tile around your city?

    can someone explain to me how resources are collected from tiles for the two games?

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    In Civ:CTP, the resources are only collected on the tiles where your workers/slaves are.

    In CTP2... well ill point you to this post by Locutus, it saves me time,

    edit: well that explains how food is collected but its the same thing.
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      This thread is probably more relevant:

      But they both contain useful info on the resource system, so you may want to read both (I'd start with this one though).
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        ok, so does that mean in CtP2 you can put PW anywhere around your city (starting with the inner radius) and it will add to your resource gathering (regardless of how much exactly) but in Civ:CtP its pointless to add PW on tiles not worked by your population?

        hmmm, i think i like CtP2 idea better.


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          Well, sort of. In CtP1, many of your cities will eventually get big enough to work all tiles, at which point you *can* put tile imps on all tiles.

          In CtP2 placing tile imps on every square is only wise if you have more than enough PW available. Usually however, you'll find that you have a lot more tiles to spend PW on than you can afford to. In that case it would be best to first/only build tile imps where you get the most benefit. It's usually not a smart move to build tile imps in the 2nd ring of a size 7 city if there are other cities who still have room in the first ring. But of course, once all inner rings are filled, you could start filling the outer rings...

          On the other hand, if a lot of cities are still only working a small portion of the outer ring, it might be wiser to just lower your PW tax and spend more shields on city production rather than on PW. Saves you the trouble from protecting your extra tile imps from being pillaged as well. Then again, in the future you will probably be able to reap the advantages of your present investments, so you may want to continue building more tile imps after all. So should you build more tile imps or not? That a choice you'll have to make... So there's a bit more strategy involved in the CtP2 system
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            Or to say it a bit easier:

            Depending on your city size you start to place TI (Tile Improvments).

            If city < 4/5 don't bother too much.

            If 5 < city < 7, yes you better do

            can't remember for sure, as it also depends on the mod you are playing, the next jump shall be with 18.

            So next one would be:

            If city < 12 don't bother to improve the second ring.

            If 12 < city < 18, yes you better do (again).

            It is roughly said only worth to put TI's if you would work at least 50% of the radius, otherwise specialists might be far better off.
            For example, if you are just 1 pop over the city jump, this single 'worker' is better placed as a specialist (farmer).