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Yes I am new to this..tell me about mods...

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  • Yes I am new to this..tell me about mods...

    Hi there, after reading a bit I have found that all of you are playing the game with certain 'mods'. Can you please tell me where I can download em and what they do to my game. Also can me previously saved game take advantage of these 'new' mods'? Also Which ones are better or your preference? Please forgive my ignorance, I really enjoy the game and did not realize there is so much 'third' party fixes or such. Also if you have a way to install these please tell me how and such.

    Thanks WAY in advance.


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    Thats the FAQ thread, its tells you about mods and how to use them.

    All mods are in the apolyton directory.
    Call to Power 2: Apolyton Edition - download the latest version (12th June 2011)
    CtP2 AE Wiki & Modding Reference
    One way to compile the CtP2 Source Code.