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    What the…? 3 Forums! What is the world coming too?
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      Its 6:30 AM and I Just woke up.

      So tell me is this a dream or i actually saw three CTP2 forums???

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        Wow party a new CTP2 forum.

        Originally posted by SMIFFGIG
        When we get the source code it would be good to have a 4th thread just for modding
        You mean a fourth forum, yes I must agree there would be a lot of stuff that needs to be discussed how CTP2 should be improved.

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          Concrete, Abstract, or Squoingy?
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            yo man whats a Democracy Game?

            its tight that theres a new forum though


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              Let me quote MarkG on that, on something he posted in the early days of the Civ3 Democracy Game:

              What is a Democracy game?

              In the Democracy Game (DG), the whole community plays the same game, and the same Civ. Many people decide commonly what we should do next. Nobody has the same absolute power as a player has when playing Civ3 alone.
              This is called "Democracy" game because we all participate, and we all give input on how we want the game to be played. For example, nobody has the power to declare war to America, it needs a vote. If a majority of citizens want war with America, than war is declared.

              Technically, this is a single player game. Only one player gets to play the game physically : the President (elected every month). Everyone can access his save. Nobody can "play ahead" on this save, meaning acting before the president actually does it on his own computer.
              But the President has to obey the ministers (also elected every month) who give precise orders each turn. Each minister is specialized in a specific field : war, science, economy, workers, city planning, diplomacy.
              The ministers often consult the people via polls on what policy they should promote. When they poll the people, ministers have to follow the poll, or risk losing all credibility.
              The people can also express their views whenever they want. We are currently following a strategy thouroughly reflected by a normal citizen.

              A DG is a game, and thus it has rules. These rules are called the "constitution". The constitution can be mdified by a 2/3 vote whenever an amendment is felt needed. To enforce these rules and punish cheaters, we are making up a judicial system.

              In a Democracy,you can't hinder people who think the same to unite. That's why we have parties : the Democratic Industrialists of Apolyton (DIA) and the United Front Coalition (UFC). DIA is more oriented towards builder strategies, and UFC is more oriented towards warmongering, but both parties are pretty moderate. We have no longlasting third party.
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                you can check my sig for links to the civ2 demo game. well, all but the bobblehead army one...


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                  Thanks Apolyton for this great possibilty.

                  I hope we'll all enjoy it


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                    Nice to have a new CtP2 DG forum. Let's hope it will be a great DG. Right now I'm hunting for a copy of CtP2, so maybe I can do something more than just vote in polls in the future.
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                      yo thats so tight