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Democracy game: what mod should be used?

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  • Democracy game: what mod should be used?

    Well, there are at least 15 people showing a bit of interest in the Democracy game. The General consensus, is that we get the ball rolling and see what comes of it. Thus the reason for this poll. Which mod should we use?

    BTW My vote is for SAP +GoodMod

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    Super Apolyton Pack
    SAP +GoodMod
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    my vote's the same - as cradle seems to cause some crashes while SAP&Good-Mod was rather stable in the sp tournies


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      Same here as it will be quicker before we get nukes/nanite bombs .
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        Where can we see what the mods brong to the original games, for newbies who dont know them.
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          This thread has a good summary of the mods, though I don't think it covers the GoodMod.

          Edit: And it's talking about the old Apolyton Pack, not SAP...


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            In a nutshell:

            GoodMod v0.99 - by Martin Gühmann

            The GoodMod is a mod which, contrary to what the name suggests, improves a lot more than just the trade goods. Although changes to trade goods are an important part of GoodMod, mayor improvements are also made to particularly the AI, but also to diplomacy, terrain, tile improvements, pollution, sounds, interface and other aspects of the game.

            Cradle of Civilizations v1.32 - by hexagonian

            The Cradle of Civilization mod by hexagonian has over time become one of the most important mods for CtP2. Its most important features include (from the main readme): a stretched out ancient age, about 57 new techs, 6 new governments, 17 new wonders, 30 new units, 11 so-called `Wonder Units`, 17 new city improvements and lots and lots of text file tweaks and SLIC code. But most important of all is that it has an excellent AI and is very challenging to play. In short: a must-have for every CtP2 player!

            Apolyton Pack v2.0 - by Dale

            Play CtP2 the way it was meant to be!
            This pack is only intended for the original CTP2 game. It fixes and enhances many things with the original setup to make the game more enjoyable. Major changes include better maps, better and more aggressive AI, harder difficulty levels, ultra-gigantic maps. Together with Cradle and MedMod this is one of the most important mods for CtP2.

            Medieval Pack v2.2 - by WesW

            The Medieval Pack II combines the Medieval mod with customized versions of Harlan's Graphics mod, Martin's Citymod2 and Dale's Diplomod, plus SLIC triggers from Locutus, Dale, Gedrin and others. It adds many new units, both player-created and from Ctp 1, 60 new advances, 5 new improvements and 3 new governments, as well as new concepts and many enhancements to game playability. This is one of the most important mods ever created for CtP2, it's a complete overhaul of the game.

            World at War! v1.04 - by Dale

            Mod that offers a very fast-paced game from the first to the last turn, plays in the first half of the 20th century (1900-1950 CE), the time of the World Wars. It includes a completely new tech tree, 50+ units, 16 buildings and 6 wonders, all based on the period. It also makes changes to the AI, the starting situation and adds historical events.

            Beginning with the acquired knowledge of mankind to 1900, and a handful of rag-tag military and civilian units at your command, you must guide your nation through the diplomatic, scientific and military web that is the World At War era!

            Will you be the spider or the fly?

            See this thread:
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              Crosspost: that thread J Bytheway mentioned is getting awfully outdated. It can be an interesting read, but keep in mind that it's at least 9 months old and CtP2 mods are continuously evolving...
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                I must say my mind immediately switched to thoughts of Cradle, because it has so many options and it can be hellish under the right circumstances (lots of land) and theres no completely known strategies on which units to b-line for or to use. We would be in a learning process throughout the game, as most governments seem to be.

                A crash is possible once we get really into it but i think with all the people playing and having copies of the game, the possibility of a game-losing crash is minimal.

                No one voted for Cradle yet so heres my vote, maybe in vain...
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                  MM2 definitly
                  well looks like im the only one
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                    Cradle’s my flavour of the year (since whenever), but for a demo game, I think SAP and GoodMod provides a good balance between complexity and pace. So… here’s to SAP and GoodMod.
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                      I've choosen SAP+good-mode.
                      Good AI + enhanced goods/dip./......

                      Cradle would be my second choice. Might be a bit to strong for us. (unless we are aiming for a short game)


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                        As I made a mod I am biased so I don't vote in this poll, but it would be interesting to have a MedPack2 + GoodMod combo. We hadn't either WaW, but this depends how we want to play: Whether we want to replay and reinvent human history or whether we want to play a game in the 20th century.

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                          Vanilla. Get potentially more people able to play or at least comment constructivly, without having to learn new rules.
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                            Anyone who want to play can easily install SAP, while this mod hardly change any game rules (so no need to relearn them). So I vote SAP (without Goodmod, but with Goodmod is fine with me as well).
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                              The only player who actually *needs* to play the game is the president so I can't see any problems with a mod.
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