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  • Turn chats?

    My dear peasant,

    How is your desire for a session between the 24th and New Year?

    Please let me know how you think about.

    Post your desired date and time here.

    Information about our empire shall follow tomorrow.

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    Dear Dictator,

    I am not available until friday evening, from there I am available everyday to the exception of sunday afternoon because of Christmas and the usual chores that come with it...

    "Democracy is the worst form of government there is, except for all the others that have been tried." Sir Winston Churchill


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      Im afraid i'll be Internet less over this time - maybe time to recover my sanity? But in my abscence please count on my vote to attack any of our enemies(current or emerging).
      'The very basis of the liberal idea the belief of individual freedom is what causes the chaos' - William Kristol, son of the founder of neo-conservitivism, talking about neo-con ideology and its agenda for here. prove me wrong.

      Bush's Republican=Neo-con for all intent and purpose. be afraid.