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  • Senat building

    Dear citizens:

    Who wants to participate in the Senat?

    If you want to participate, please post here and express your wish as what you want to participate.

    Missing positions will be filled by myself.

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    Senate is everyone, who isn't first consul, so there!


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      I would like to participate to the senate though my weird planning will make it difficult for me to paticipate to all the chats. If I can apply to a position I would like to know which ones are available and what would be their attributions as the former positions are no more adapted and should be drastically revised...

      I think we could form a kind of Triumvirate in which the First Consul, Gilgamensch, has the ultimate power of decision.
      "Democracy is the worst form of government there is, except for all the others that have been tried." Sir Winston Churchill


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        I agree with Ralph, since we have so few "vocal" participants, the Senate should be anyone that is currently participating.

        BTW Ralph why don't you make it official and join the CTP2 DG civgroup?


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          Well I would, but I'm not exactly a single play demogamer and don't have even the game installed at the moment. I might look and install it after I finish my huge "Bye bye PtW" epic (200x200, 24 civs).