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    The DG is pretty much dead. To revive it and keep it alive, I think some major changes to the Constitution will be needed. As I see it, there are three things we should strive for:

    (1) Reduce the number of government functions, so that it will become easier to fulfill all positions.
    (2) Reduce the workload for Ministers so that it becomes more attractive to run for office.
    (3) Cut down on the bureaucracy, to streamline the game and make it easier for people to actively participate and for new people to join in.

    To accomplish these goals, I feel the following changes are needed:

    - Cut the Court, replace it by a single Tribune (as it is, the Court's not doing a d*mn thing, aside from posting election polls);
    - Cut a minister position:
    * Give the power of science to MoDA;
    * Give the power of infrastructure to MoD(S)T, creating a Minister of Infrastructure and Foreign Affairs;
    * Cut the MoI position.
    - Reform polls:
    * Cut resolutions & unofficial polls;
    * 50% majority suffices for all polls, no quorums;
    * Polls are recommendations, not laws (as Official polls are now) -- only the Tribune may force a minister to follow the outcome of a certain poll;
    * Allow multiple-option polls
    * Official polls only mean that minister thinks they are important for policy, otherwise don't differ from normal polls.

    This leave 5 government officials (1 Prez, 1 Tribune, 3 Ministers), as opposed to 9 now. The President plays the game and keeps records, the Ministers make decisions on game policy (aided by polls, quick-votes and discussions) and the Tribune settles all kinds of disputes and prevents Ministers from going on a power trip and completely ignoring the will of the people. Also, the Tribune should have the power to appoint delegates for absent Ministers whenever they haven't appointed any delegates themselves.

    It also makes the whole polling thing a lot easier: anyone can start a discussion or poll on any topic but the ministers take the actual decisions (they are encouraged but not obliged to take initiative in leading the discussion). If the ministers are unreasonable, the Tribune will have the power to recall them. Polls starting with 'OFFICIAL' in the title are basically no different from ordinairy polls, but ministers can use them to attract attention to important decisions. Using multiple-option polls should also be tolerated: if they are ambiguous and unclear in their outcome, a minister can always ignore them.

    Overview of changes needed to the Constitution:

    Art 1:
    - Punishment is decided jointly by Tribune and moderator.

    Art 2:
    - Anyone can be anyone's delegate;
    - If Ministers go AWOL, delegates can be appointed by Tribune; if Tribune goes AWOL, the moderator or President appoints a delegate for him;
    - Tribune solves disputes as he sees fit, organizes elections & impeachments, appoints delegates, maintains FAQ/Constitution.

    Art 3:
    - Cut entirely.

    Art 4:
    - If polls don't abide rules (expiry date, options, etc), Tribune or Prez/Ministers may request starter/mod to edit/close them;
    - Multiple-option polls are allowed
    - For all polls goes that Ministers may ignore the outcome, but they must announce this in advance; only Tribune may force Minister to follow outcome (Citizens can request Tribune to interfere);
    - Election polls may only be posted by Tribune;
    - Amendments are recorded by the Tribune;
    - Resolution, unofficial polls cut, replaced by regular polls: same as official polls, only can be started by anyone.

    Art 5:
    - Tribune organizes elections.

    - Any Citizen can request Tribune to impeach a Minister/President;
    - Tribune will decide if he will post an Official impeachment poll (who he consults, if anyone, is up to him);
    - Tribune may select replacements for impeached/resigned Ministers/President;
    - President or moderator takes role of Tribune if it's his position that's under fire.

    Well, that's my opinion anyway. Discuss!
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    seems much less bureaucratic, which can only help
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      we already cut the MoI - so it's 7 gov positions (pres, 3 ministers, 3 judges) so in essence your proposing to cut the court to one member - I did the same thing when people still where here but everyone objected...
      the other things look fine to me.
      the con in the forum is not the most-up-to-date, it's missing the two passed ammendments giving up the MoI and handling the judge-delegate-minister possibilities

      anyway- i think even a reform can currently not change the fact, that there simply isn't enough interest in the dg - to open up the forum the quorum was 20 people showing interest - I'm sure we're not reaching that now, so I think any work that is put into the DG is useless...


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        The CtPDG needed a 20 quorum to get going, we have 6 active members, and we're still chugging along. You have the people, you just need to get your heads together.


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          My beautiful constitution! You're butchering my hardwork!

          Anyways, it needs to be done.


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            As I want to keep it going I would agree for most changes,


            1.) What do you understand with Tribune, how is elected? How many people (1 if I understood correctly?)?
            2.) How do you want to reach the number needed to get the Connie changed?
            3.) How do you want to settle down a dispute involving the Tribunal?


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              Good work Locutus, I agree with the changes though the powers of the Tribune are a bit too arbitrary IMO but I can't see how we could do otherwise.

              As mapfi wrote it I think the real problem is the lack of motivation from the CtP2 players. We could play the game with as few as six players but I think the game is more interesting with a higher number of players.
              "Democracy is the worst form of government there is, except for all the others that have been tried." Sir Winston Churchill


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                Shall we try it with those changes?


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                  Who is still interested?

                  I am, but now the modders are all occupied with the source code...
                  "Democracy is the worst form of government there is, except for all the others that have been tried." Sir Winston Churchill


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                    maybe we should plan a coup d'etat and take over the government, maybe people will join back in with an outcry