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AMENDMENT: Lock the game

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  • AMENDMENT: Lock the game

    Since I'm rather tired of extending nomination periods as senior justice I'm proposing a government shutdown as follows:

    Article VI "stopping and restarting the game"

    a) In case of a lacking interest in the game and government positions the court may order a halt to the game.
    b) Such a halt stops the running term and leaves government as it is in office indefinetely.
    c) If at any time the president manages to legally get all orders for a next turn the game immeadetly restarts. A new election process has then to be started by a member of the court for all executive positions as well all open juidicial positions within two weeks.
    d) Alternatively the court may restart the game by holding elections.

    I think this would fit rather well. I'm still into this con stuff and think it's fun. I also sincerly hope we will get this running again, maybe during summer vacation or in fall when uni starts again.

    This poll is open for 5 days, until June 11th ~1300GMT

    The poll is expired.

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    I'm sure this won't happen, but the problem with this kind of amendment is that if interest has truly died down to nothing, we'd never get enough votes to pass the amendment. Which is kind of a catch22 situation.
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      seems fine - maybe line a) is a little vague? could we quantify the minimum amount of participants(active members able to hold positions in the DG) before this would take place - or is that not a good idea?
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        well - keeping a) vague just makes it simpler - the court is not going to order a shutdown just for fun
        and I do think that we might still get the 7 votes needed to pass the amendment or the court might also lower that quorum if necessary... ;-)


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          Unfortunately I have to agree with the amendment though I would have prefered paragraph a) to be worded differently like:

          a) Should the number of active members drop to the point the Democracy Game can not be run adequately for a prolonged period of time the court, with the approval of the President, may order a temporary halt of the game.

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            The court will always be up running because it's got three members - needing the president's approval might not be possible if there is no active president and if he's there it is pointless anyway - since it's his power to restart as soon as he's got the necessary orders
            but anyway - since noone was going to word it (I waited more than a week) I just had to come up with something...


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              What if the court-members are gone.........nothing we would be able to restart. Then better using the government/court-members completly and each member got a vote, in case of majority, the game continues again (same for stopping)