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Turn chat 23 - Sunday 2003/05/25 1830 GMT - from 980 BC - Turn 152

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  • Turn chat 23 - Sunday 2003/05/25 1830 GMT - from 980 BC - Turn 152

    This is the thread for turn chat 23.

    Date of chat: Sunday 2003/05/25
    Start of chat: 1830 GMT (1930 BST - Apolyton's GMT)
    Estimated duration: 2-3 hours
    Place: (courtesy of Locutus)

    Previous thread:

    I await orders from the Ministers and confirmations of the presence of all Citizens (at least when the time is announced).

    All Ministers need to be present, have appointed a delegate (who *is* present), or leave behind detailed orders, or the chat cannot take place.

    Domestic issues:

    Q1 What should we build in each of our cities in the next ~20 turns?

    Q2 Under what circumstances should we use what kind of Specialists in which cities?

    Q3 Should we be building more Caravans yet? If so, when and where?

    Infrastructure issues:

    Q4 How much of our PW reserve should be spent on what and where?

    Q5 Is more PW required for any other purpose soon?

    Diplomacy issues:

    Q6 Should we actively pursue changes in relationships with any of the civs?

    Q7 How should we respond to diplomatic requests and treaty violiations by the AI?

    Science issues:

    Q8 What should we research now?

    Q9 What should we research next?

    Military issues:

    Q10 In what direction (roughly) should our explorers go?

    Q11 Are movements of our defensive forces needed? If so, under what conditions?

    Q12 What should we do with our attacking forces?

    Misc issues:

    Q13 Should there be any change to the sliders?

    Q14 Is there anything I have forgotten?

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    i'm not sure, i guess i should resign, probably will neither have time to appear at the chat nor to have a close look at the current gamefile. :ashamed:


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      Here's the save I'll be starting the chat with - after following Tamerlin's orders in the State of Lemuria thread.
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        Save 960BC
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          Save 940BC
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            J_Bytheway: Right - we'll start with ending the turn...
            Zaphod: am i still here?
            Zaphod: ok, you shouldnt start with a question mark neither
            Locutus: ..
            Locutus: hmm... test
            J_Bytheway: END TURN 152
            J_Bytheway: The AI turns are taking forever these days...
            J_Bytheway: Fortunately the German 12-stack vanished.
            Zaphod: damn, seems i messed up with the files too much last time i was playing, just got a message "index variable out of bounds"
            J_Bytheway: Sounds like a DebugSlic=Yes error
            Zaphod: might be
            J_Bytheway: Fortified new Hop in Pilsen.
            Zaphod: nope (debugslic)
            J_Bytheway: Moved settler E
            Zaphod: ok
            J_Bytheway: Hmm... I don't know, then.
            J_Bytheway: Did you say you'd changed things?
            J_Bytheway: Near Graz there's a German pikeman and a Barb catapult. Which do you think we should deal with first?..
            J_Bytheway: ?testing
            Tamerlin entered the room.
            Zaphod: yes, i was actually trying to combine apolpack,gm,cx,nw and the colonization rules from aom
            J_Bytheway: Starting with a question mark doesn't seem to do anything
            Tamerlin: Hi folks
            J_Bytheway: Hmm... And you didn't make a new modswapper option for this?
            Zaphod: and some other things, before rl events forced me to stop spending time there
            J_Bytheway: Hi Tamerlin.
            J_Bytheway: If you grab the save from the turn chat thread, not much has happened yet.
            Tamerlin: We are already 5... dance...
            J_Bytheway: I can fill you in.
            Zaphod: yes i did of course, but it seems i might have messed up with some files, the games still running, only wrong messages
            J_Bytheway: Zephyr seems to say nothing, though...
            Tamerlin: Sorry for the delay, have you started?
            J_Bytheway: Yes, but only just
            Zaphod: yup, but if you only type a question mark nothing happens, not even the question mark appears
            J_Bytheway: Wrong messages are due to it being saved under the English language setup.
            Tamerlin: OK, have you moved something or set something?
            Zaphod: greetings comrade tamerlin
            J_Bytheway: I ended the turn, and moved the settler E, so far/
            J_Bytheway: If you reloadslic the messages will correct themselves.
            J_Bytheway: Well, any other messages thereafter will be correct, anyway...
            Zaphod: i have a barb catapult (badly damaged) a barb archer and a german pikeman there, but we should be able to deal with all of them in the same turn i guess
            J_Bytheway: Everyone was being paranoid in the last turn chat and wouldn't let me attack with less than 3H/3A
            Tamerlin: OK, I will wait the next save to play along then...
            Zaphod: right, i forgot i had to do that anyway when opening a savegame from another machine
            J_Bytheway: And I don't know how dead they are because I don't have enemy health bars on.
            J_Bytheway: You can catch up, Tamerlin.
            Tamerlin: Attack what John?
            J_Bytheway: The barbs near Graz
            Zaphod: well, except for the pikeman we cant attack any of them this turn at all, so lets just finish that guy off
            J_Bytheway: I think so too.
            J_Bytheway: I'll do that.
            Zaphod: me too
            J_Bytheway: Used the 6-stack outside of Graz. We win, no fatalities
            Tamerlin: So what do I have to do to catch up John?
            Tamerlin: OK...
            Zaphod: he's dead jim
            J_Bytheway: End the turn
            J_Bytheway: Move the settler E, and do this attack
            Zaphod: no hourlong discussion about sliders and entertainers? playstyle seems to have changed since my last visit
            J_Bytheway: Where should we move Providence (Zaphod: he's the warrior by the South pole)? NE?
            J_Bytheway: I'm trying to play faster.
            Zaphod: ne
            Tamerlin: My game is rather weird compared to yours, better wait for the next save and play...
            J_Bytheway: We have too many units to move as it is.
            J_Bytheway: OK, Tam.
            J_Bytheway: Moving NE...
            Tamerlin: I am finally OK, had some trouble to figure out the orders... moving what NE?
            Zaphod: the lone warrior in the south
            J_Bytheway: That was Providence NE. Also moved the Hop between Graz and Wien into Graz.
            Tamerlin: OK
            Zaphod: what about the archer between mapfipolis and colonia locuta?
            J_Bytheway: He wants to head west towards the front, I think, but we might want to add some other units to go with him
            J_Bytheway: We need to move something out of Mapfipolis anyway to free a space for production
            Zaphod: to the front? theres a stack 7 2 fields away
            J_Bytheway: Well, I guess so. But we're mostly ignoring the Germans at the moment
            Tamerlin: I would send it to Maquiladad, I don't like the german army which has slipped into our territory...
            Zaphod: if thats a mutual agreement it sounds ok to me
            J_Bytheway: Well, they haven't attacked yet...
            J_Bytheway: But they would attack a lone archer, I suspect
            Tamerlin: Right, we should move an archer out of Mapfipolis...
            Tamerlin: Have you asked for a cease fire again?
            Zaphod: have we tried to make peace after we retook wombatoon?
            J_Bytheway: Yes, several times, I had no luck (although Tamerlin did...)
            J_Bytheway: I haven't asked again this chat
            Tamerlin: Yes... they don't want to talk with anybody except me... we should ask again
            J_Bytheway: Should we add a hop from CL too
            J_Bytheway: ..?
            Zaphod: thats the special relationship between germans and french i guess
            Tamerlin: ... ask for a cease fire... add a Hoplite to what?
            Zephyr has left the room.
            J_Bytheway: Well, now we have a real MoDST here, I don't have to make the diplomatic decisions anymore, which is good
            J_Bytheway: Add a hop to the 2 archers
            Zephyr entered the room.
            J_Bytheway: Rejected
            Tamerlin: Would be a good idea to add a H
            Zaphod: just looking into the old threads
            J_Bytheway: And then send them all south across the mountains?
            Zaphod: yup, as i thought, the people wanted peace, so ask the germans
            J_Bytheway: I asked, we were rejected
            Tamerlin: Rejected in my game also... yes for the H and 2A...
            J_Bytheway: OK - moving another H and A to join the present A
            Zaphod: we should threat to destroy nuremberg and do so if they still reject
            J_Bytheway: Done
            Tamerlin: Don't know if it will have any effect but we can ideed threaten them
            Zaphod: i don't know neither, but i like the idea to make them now they can trust in our words, in peace as well as in war
            J_Bytheway: Threatened.
            J_Bytheway: Still rejecte
            J_Bytheway d
            J_Bytheway: ..d
            Zaphod: i did mean to threaten when our army is in sight of their city
            J_Bytheway: Oh well...
            J_Bytheway: Sorry
            J_Bytheway: Anything else this turn?
            Zaphod: well, my fault, im just continuing discussions where they were a month ago
            Tamerlin: Checking the cities...
            Zephyr is away: eating
            Tamerlin: Cities are OK, nothing more from me...
            J_Bytheway: OK, ending turn...
            Zaphod: ok
            Tamerlin: Have we decided the next researched advance?
            Zaphod: production halted in wells
            Zaphod: iirc there wasnt a poll about it yet, but i gave a list in the orders about 6 weeks ago
            J_Bytheway: What advance next? Shipbuilding or Masonry?
            J_Bytheway: I'm guessing Masonry...
            Zaphod: as shipbuilding needs more than one turn, yes
            Tamerlin: We have no need for Shipbuilding, rafts are enough to go down the river...
            Zaphod has left the room.
            Tamerlin: Masonry...
            J_Bytheway: OK, selected masonry
            Tamerlin: We should then remove a H from Wels... and send it to Pilsen
            J_Bytheway: That sounds good. Will do.
            Tamerlin: Ok
            Zaphod entered the room.
            Zaphod: oops
            J_Bytheway: Moved H from Wels along the road, also moved Settler through Pressburg towards H Town
            Tamerlin: ... We should now attack the Catapult near Graz...
            Zaphod: yup
            J_Bytheway: Indeed.
            J_Bytheway: Attacking...
            Tamerlin: Go!
            Zaphod: and we should also think about attacking that german stack in the south
            J_Bytheway: Easy win
            J_Bytheway: What should we do with the spare Hop in Graz?
            Tamerlin: Strike!
            Zaphod has left the room.
            Tamerlin: Send it to Pilsen... Zaphod is playing with Locutus' shortcut...
            FlyinZaphoooo___ entered the room.
            J_Bytheway: I tried all the keys I could think of before the chat started - nothing closed the window.
            Tamerlin: ...
            FlyinZaphoooo___: the shame is i cant even remember which one it was
            Tamerlin: All but one... ask Zaphod...
            FlyinZaphoooo___: just noticed the window disappeared after alttabbing back from the game
            J_Bytheway: Strange...
            FlyinZaphoooo___: hm
            J_Bytheway: Moved Hop in Graz towards Linz
            Tamerlin: Done
            J_Bytheway: Fortified archer in Wombatoon.
            J_Bytheway: What do we do with Mapfipolis? Now we have another archer and we need to free up another space this turn or the next.
            Locutus: back
            J_Bytheway: Would you like a save?
            FlyinZaphoooo___: wb loc
            Locutus: would be nice
            J_Bytheway: OK
            Locutus: thx
            Tamerlin: I would send back the H and turn around CL with the A
            FlyinZaphoooo___: wb loc
            Locutus: did anything significant happen?
            FlyinZaphoooo___ has left the room.
            Tamerlin: We took Berlin..
            z2941 entered the room.
            z2941: ok, now i know it
            Tamerlin: And Zaphod is playing with your shortcut to quit the chat room
            Locutus: hello, z2941
            z2941: you have to type wb locutus to shut the window
            Locutus: ah, it's zaph...
            J_Bytheway: I'm sure you did that before by accident...
            Tamerlin: How come you recognized him after just one sentence...
            J_Bytheway: Because he talked about shutting the window...
            Locutus: what John said :
            Locutus )
            Locutus: ..
            Tamerlin: ...
            z2941: and i wonder about the number behind my z
            Locutus: plus, I noticed just before you posted that but after I said hello that zaph had left the room
            z2941: i thought i would be wasted to use more letters given the time i seem to be able to stay here
            Tamerlin: OK
            J_Bytheway: Do we want Providence to avoid violating Indian territory (we have no non-trespassing agreement, but we do have a peace treaty)
            Tamerlin: We should avoid another opponent at all cost...
            Locutus: WE TOOK BERLIN??!!!
            Locutus: are you messing with me?
            J_Bytheway: ..
            J_Bytheway: Yes, he was
            z2941: lol
            Locutus: thought so...
            J_Bytheway: Save posted, incidentally
            Locutus: k, thx
            z2941: we should move along the border, not cross it
            J_Bytheway: OK, moving providence N then...
            Locutus: almost had me there
            Tamerlin: And explore Wiener Aurstadt
            z2941: neustadt
            J_Bytheway: Done
            Tamerlin: Neustadt, right...
            J_Bytheway: The 3-stack we made last turn - S?
            z2941: i really wonder who thought of that name
            J_Bytheway: What does the "Wiener" bit mean?
            Tamerlin: The little Wien?
            J_Bytheway: That would be Wienchen, wouldn't it?..
            z2941: wiener neustadt is the new part of vienna in contrast to wiener altstadt which would be the historic part of the city
            z2941: its like having one city named paris, and one montmartre
            J_Bytheway: I see. That is a little silly...
            Tamerlin: Don't know a word of German to the exception of those learned looking at WW2 movies...
            z2941: lol
            Locutus: geez, those austrians are like rabbits, their citycount multiplies almost exponentially...
            Locutus: the full name means so much as New Vienna.
            J_Bytheway: I remember being really surprised when I watched Indiana Jones and realised I'd learnt enough German to understand the German in them...
            z2941: joa geh, nu lass d'leut do schnackseln, wennsönixanners kennt
            J_Bytheway: But I can hardly remember any now...
            Tamerlin: ... same language as in WW2 movies... what Zaphod?
            z2941: as i only know the dubbed version of indiana jones i never felt that
            Locutus: even I don't understand that...
            z2941: just trying to write something in austrian about their rate of reproduction
            Locutus: was that Luxembourgian or something?
            z2941: don't worry, i dont understand austrian neither
            Tamerlin: I know how to order beer provided there is no more than five to order...
            Locutus: well, you can always order 5 at a time until you meat the quorum
            J_Bytheway: You can always ask for 5 beers, and then ask for 2
            J_Bytheway: (Locutus said it better )
            J_Bytheway: So... what about that 3-stack?
            z2941: i recently saw big lebowski in the english version for the same time, and really loved the german accent of the nihilists
            Locutus: yeah, that was nice
            Tamerlin: Send a H to Mapfipolis (I don't like this German stack near the road) and turn around CL with the two archers... we should start gathering the armies to attack New Vienna...
            Locutus: BTW, I don't think Neustadt is a suburb of Wien - I once looked it up and IIRC it's a completely different city
            z2941: what about attacking the 7 stack with our stack 12 from cl and redistributing units in that area afterwards?
            J_Bytheway: That could work... Anyone object to an attack?
            Locutus: Activision made that mistake with Leiden en Leidschedorp for the Dutch list but the Austrian list was made by Harlan - and he actually knows what he's doing...
            Tamerlin: There is another 12 units German stack in the wilds...
            Locutus: not me...
            z2941: you mean neustadt or wiener neustadt? there are dozens of neustadts in germany and i presume in austria as well
            J_Bytheway: OK, I'll make the attack then. Wish me luck
            Locutus: wiener neustadt: it's about 60 kms south of Wien
            z2941: may the holy apolyton be with you
            z2941: strange
            J_Bytheway: We lost just 1 hop
            z2941: well, maybe its something like bremerhaven and bremen
            z2941: congrats general j
            J_Bytheway: So we still have too many units to fit in mapfi and CL
            Tamerlin: What did you attacked...
            J_Bytheway: The German 7-stack sout of CL
            J_Bytheway: sout->south
            Locutus: (ve´ner noi´shtät) , city (1991 pop. 35,134), Lower Austria province, E Austria. It is an industrial and rail center. Manufactures include locomotives, heavy machinery, and textiles.
            Locutus: Founded in 1192, Wiener Neustadt was the birthplace of Emperor Maximilian I (1459-1519). The city was severely damaged in World War II;
            Tamerlin: With all the units from CL
            Locutus: it has since been extensively reconstructed. The 12th-century castle of the Babenbergs, dukes of Austria, became a military academy in 1752.
            J_Bytheway: Yes
            Locutus: good one, John
            z2941: though in my game we had no casualities
            Locutus: strange how New Vienna is almost 1,000 years old...
            J_Bytheway: How about we move those 10 back into CL, add a hop to the 3-stack from mapfi, and send the 4 units off to the Austrian front?
            z2941: hm, that might explain it, i attacked with 12
            Tamerlin: Didn't loose anything in the attack... you should send the 3 units stack to CL for the martial law
            J_Bytheway: OK - will do that for this turn.
            z2941: i think i need a savegame anyway
            Tamerlin: We will distribute the units next turn... good idea the 2A and 2H
            J_Bytheway: New archer in Wien - send it towards Graz?
            J_Bytheway: If we're going to be adding a hop from mapfi next turn, we should move it now...
            Tamerlin: I would rather send a H as it is the next unit produced
            Tamerlin: Speaking about Wien... ok for the H from Mapfipolis
            J_Bytheway: OK - sent H from Wien
            J_Bytheway: ...and H from mapfi.
            J_Bytheway: Anything else this turn?
            z2941: not from me
            Tamerlin: Add a H to Mpfipolis BQ just after the first one...
            J_Bytheway: Added.
            J_Bytheway: Ending turn...
            Tamerlin: OK
            J_Bytheway: END TURN 154
            Tamerlin: Remove one entertainer in Pressburg...
            J_Bytheway: H Town is rioting
            J_Bytheway: an Austrian knight threatens Wien
            z2941 has left the room.
            Tamerlin: Sorry haven't seen that for H town, add an entertainer... we should attack it with units from Wien
            guesswho entered the room.
            guesswho: changing the size of the tv-cardwindow works as well
            Tamerlin: One H between Graz and Linz has been killed by Barbarian Pikemen
            J_Bytheway: How many H/A do we need to deal with a Knight on a hill?
            J_Bytheway: I didn't get that H dead
            Locutus: never a good idea to do 5 different things at once with your PC when you're using crappy chat software like this one...
            guesswho: 3pairs if we dont mind heavy losses id say
            Locutus: a good number...
            Tamerlin: 3H and 3A would be safe IMO
            J_Bytheway: OK, 3 pairs it is.
            Locutus: could loose a unit there...
            Tamerlin: ...
            Tamerlin: Send 4A then
            Tamerlin: 3H and 4A I mean
            J_Bytheway: Victory. No losses
            J_Bytheway: (with 3/3)
            Locutus: 4A would be useless. you would need 4H, but you'd still loose 1H then. but it seems J was lucky...
            Locutus: fortunate, rather
            Tamerlin: In my game I can't attack this turn...
            J_Bytheway: If we move the settler south there's a chance it might be attacked by a barb archer - but I think we could counter this with our 6-stack. Should I do that?
            Tamerlin: yes
            Tamerlin: 1H and 2A should be enough
            J_Bytheway: The 6-stack can't block, but it can stand on the same square as the settler, will that do?
            Tamerlin: yep
            guesswho: yup
            J_Bytheway: OK, done
            J_Bytheway: Fortified Hop in Maquiladad
            J_Bytheway: There's a German 12-stack by CL, now, so should we try to leave 12 units therein?
            J_Bytheway: Or should we stick with 10, as I suggested before...
            J_Bytheway: Or 11...
            guesswho: 12
            Tamerlin: 12
            Tamerlin: We should ask for a cease fire again
            Locutus: I haven't seen the reasoning for less then 12 but intuitively I'd say 12...
            J_Bytheway: It will be building a hop next turn, if that makes you change your mind...
            Tamerlin: 11 could be enough
            Locutus: maybe we should consider peace with the Austrians? they're founding new cities a lot faster than we can conquer, so it'll be a while before that war is over...
            guesswho: lets switch to ballista towers
            Locutus: ah, in that case, 11
            Tamerlin: We should first ask for a cease fire with the germans...
            J_Bytheway: 5H/6A?
            Locutus: yeah
            Locutus: or were they walking straight to our city?
            Tamerlin: Yes John... Wiener Neustadt is an old city... I don't think they have created many cities...
            Locutus: (as apposed to wondering around, happening to end up next to our city)
            guesswho: ask them for a cease fire
            Tamerlin: I don't have any German stack near CL...
            Locutus: Neustadt is an old city, but the already have 9 cities again,.I remember them being down to 5 or something...
            J_Bytheway: That leaves 1H/2A. They're mostly wandering around, I think...
            Locutus: okay, then I think removing 1 unit should be okay
            J_Bytheway: Rejected.
            Tamerlin: But these are small ones, we should first take Wiener Neustatdt... move them towards the Austrian front...
            Tamerlin: Rejected...
            Tamerlin: We could give the germans 100 gold again...
            Locutus: agreed
            J_Bytheway: OK, sending 1H/2A (healthy ones) westwards and fortifying the rest in CL.
            Locutus: that was to taking neustadt
            Tamerlin: OK
            J_Bytheway: (I used the 1H/2A already in CL)
            Locutus has left the room.
            Locutus entered the room.
            Tamerlin: Has Locutus typed "wb Locutus"?
            J_Bytheway: Moved the H between Graz and Linz (Which Tam doesn't have) further towards Linz
            Locutus: nope, I alt-tabbed...
            guesswho: if he doesnt have a tv.crad
            Tamerlin: I have a Barb Archer on the road next to Linz
            J_Bytheway: Moved Providence along the border
            J_Bytheway: I have no such archer.
            J_Bytheway: I'll give you a save at the start of next turn.
            guesswho )
            Tamerlin: OK, may be is it time for a save...
            guesswho )
            Tamerlin: ...
            J_Bytheway: Moved Hop near Wels towards H Town
            J_Bytheway: Wels is full again, but no longer building units - should I just fortify the new Hop there?
            Locutus: sounds good
            Tamerlin: Yes
            J_Bytheway: Done
            J_Bytheway: Also moved the hop between Wien and Graz into Graz
            J_Bytheway: And that's all the units
            Tamerlin: OK
            J_Bytheway: Anything else this turn?
            Tamerlin: Have you added an Entertainer to H Town?
            guesswho is currently away.
            guesswho is back again.
            J_Bytheway: Yes. Pressburg is on 75 happ, should I remove the entertainer?
            Tamerlin: Yes
            J_Bytheway: Done. Ending turn...
            Tamerlin: I thought I gave the order at the beginning if the game???
            J_Bytheway: END TURN 155


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              J_Bytheway: Err... Perhaps you did. If so, I must have not noticed...
              Tamerlin: Time for a savegame...
              J_Bytheway: Posting it...
              Tamerlin: Thanks...
              guesswho is currently away.
              guesswho has left the room.
              J_Bytheway: Posted.
              J_Bytheway: Moved the 3-stack one square NW and spotted another German settler - should we divert to kill it?
              Tamerlin: Yes
              J_Bytheway: In that case I suggest we go W-NW from where I am now, to avoid being killed by the German 12-stack
              Tamerlin: yep
              J_Bytheway: Moved Providence NE
              J_Bytheway: OK, moved 3-stack W_NW
              Locutus: ..
              J_Bytheway: Should I remove the new Hop in Wien to make space - the next thing in the queue is a catapult in 6 turns...
              Locutus: ..
              J_Bytheway: Cat got your tongue, Locutus?
              J_Bytheway: ..
              Locutus: no I need to post to refresh the page sometimes after ab alt-tab
              Tamerlin: Leave the H here for the moment IMO, he will escort the Catapult
              J_Bytheway: Good idea.
              J_Bytheway: Fortified, also returned the other 6-stack from the north
              Locutus: ..
              J_Bytheway: Mapfi has another surplus hop... is this intended for catapult escort too?
              Locutus: ..
              Tamerlin: Checking
              Tamerlin: Would be great... too many barbs hanging around
              J_Bytheway: OK, I'll leave him there for the moment too.
              Tamerlin: I would hunt the barbarian archer North of Graz with units from H town...
              Tamerlin: 1H and 1A should be enough
              J_Bytheway: Moved hop by H Town south and Settler through Graz towards Wein
              J_Bytheway: I was thinking we might as well use the stack that's already wandering around there - but maybe remove the dying hoplite first
              Tamerlin: right
              Locutus: ..
              J_Bytheway: Removed the dying hop and an archer, and sent 4H/4A towards barb archer (N-W)
              J_Bytheway: Returned the other 2 units to Graz for healing, and fortified
              J_Bytheway: New hop in CL - what do we want to do with this?
              Locutus: ..
              Locutus: fortify
              Tamerlin: I would leave it here for the moment... fortify of course...
              J_Bytheway: We'll need to move something out next turn, but I will leave it for now.
              J_Bytheway: Hop by Linz towards Pilsen
              J_Bytheway: Hop in Graz towards Linz
              J_Bytheway: Hop in Pilsen fortified
              J_Bytheway: And that's all the units
              J_Bytheway: Anything else?
              Tamerlin: H north of H Town and Providence?
              Locutus: don't think so
              J_Bytheway: Providence went NE
              J_Bytheway: Hop N of H Town went towards south through H Town,
              Locutus: does the six-stack go back to wien?
              Tamerlin: ok
              J_Bytheway: Yes
              Tamerlin: done
              Locutus: methinks we should build 2 caravans
              J_Bytheway: OK, ending turn...
              Locutus: for the alligator
              Locutus: german settler is walking right into our trap
              Tamerlin: I would agree if we were not already building catapults we need to assault Austrian towns...
              Locutus: hmm... checking city lists...
              J_Bytheway: We have Masonry
              J_Bytheway: Shipbuilding, Concrete or Fuedalism?
              Locutus: CL, Wels and Linz can build Caravans
              J_Bytheway: Feudalism, rather...
              Locutus: Shipbuilding is hardly an option
              Tamerlin: Feudalism... ans ask a cease fire with the Germans
              J_Bytheway: Do we have any medium-term tech goals at the moment?
              Locutus: hey, feudalism gives knights AND pikemen... hmmm... that's not even a question
              Tamerlin: As far as I know no
              J_Bytheway: Like another government...
              Locutus: knights, samurai, pikemen, other kick-ass military units
              J_Bytheway: Choosing Feudalism...
              Locutus: and a new gov would be nice too
              Locutus: ..
              J_Bytheway: Moved settler towards Wien
              J_Bytheway: Should I chase the barb archer with our 4-stack onto the woods (that's a move W)?
              J_Bytheway: (The archer is currently W-NW for me)
              Tamerlin: Waste of units but it can be a nuisance
              J_Bytheway: I think we should probably forget about him...
              Tamerlin: I think so...
              Locutus: we're nicely en route to both theocracy and republic
              J_Bytheway: OK, moved the 4-stack SW-S
              Locutus: one requires Bureaucracy (which requires Feudalism), the other requires Theology (which requires Bureaucracy)
              J_Bytheway: Kill the German settler?
              Locutus: ..
              Locutus: yup
              J_Bytheway: OK...
              Tamerlin: no... ask for a cease fire before
              J_Bytheway: Shucks...
              Tamerlin: We will then expell him
              J_Bytheway: Sorry
              J_Bytheway: (Two votes in favour...)
              Locutus: they won't accept anywya...
              J_Bytheway: He's dead now anyway
              Locutus: indeed
              Tamerlin: We risk nothing asking
              Locutus: we waste John's energy
              J_Bytheway: They rejected... Surprise
              J_Bytheway: And I am getting tired...
              J_Bytheway: Movedall three Pilsen-bound hops that way
              J_Bytheway: Moved Providence NE
              J_Bytheway: Now what should we do about Cl and Mapfipolis - both are full and about to build units.
              J_Bytheway: ..?
              Locutus has left the room.
              mapfi entered the room.
              J_Bytheway: Hello
              mapfi: wow - still going
              J_Bytheway: Not for much longer... I can barely keep my eyes open...
              Tamerlin: Yes it is, move the same type of units towards the Austrian front
              J_Bytheway: That will put the one from CL in striking range of the German 12-stack...
              Locutus entered the room.
              Locutus: hey, mapfi... didn't notice you come in... or did you just arrive?
              J_Bytheway: Moved a hop out of mapfi, but I don't know what to do about CL...
              Tamerlin: Ask for a cease fire with the Germans...
              J_Bytheway: He just arrived
              Tamerlin: Moved a unit from CL to meet the H out of Mapfipolis
              J_Bytheway: I guess that's the best option...
              mapfi: just dropped by to check on progress... - unfortunately it looks like this is one of the last good chats - the DG seems to be slowly coming to a halt
              J_Bytheway: Put both SE of CL
              Locutus: it does
              J_Bytheway: And I'm afraid I'll have to draw this chat to a close now.


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                I'm sorry that this chat was shorter, but I really was quite tired. And we managed to get through a fair few turns. I won't be able to do much as Prez for a fortnight now, by which time I hope that someone else will have been elected.

                Someone requested a summary of the turn chat events:
                Well, the only notable thing that happened in this one was that we discovered Iron Working.