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Turn Chat 22 - from 1040BC, turn 148

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  • Turn Chat 22 - from 1040BC, turn 148

    This is the thread for turn chat 22.

    Date of chat: Sunday 2003/05/18
    Start of chat: 1830 GMT (1930 BST - Apolyton's GMT)
    Estimated duration: 2-3 hours
    Place: (courtesy of Locutus)

    Previous thread:

    I await orders from the Ministers and confirmations of the presence of all Citizens (at least when the time is announced).

    All Ministers need to be present, have appointed a delegate (who *is* present), or leave behind detailed orders, or the chat cannot take place.

    Domestic issues:

    Q1 What should we build in each of our cities in the next ~20 turns?

    Q2 Under what circumstances should we use what kind of Specialists in which cities?

    Q3 Should we be building more Caravans yet? If so, when and where?

    Infrastructure issues:

    Q4 How much of our PW reserve should be spent on what and where?

    Q5 Is more PW required for any other purpose soon?

    Diplomacy issues:

    Q6 Should we actively pursue changes in relationships with any of the civs?

    Q7 How should we respond to diplomatic requests and treaty violiations by the AI?

    Science issues:

    Q8 What should we research now?

    Q9 What should we research next?

    Military issues:

    Q10 In what direction (roughly) should our explorers go?

    Q11 Are movements of our defensive forces needed? If so, under what conditions?

    Q12 What should we do with our attacking forces?

    Misc issues:

    Q13 Should there be any change to the sliders?

    Q14 Is there anything I have forgotten?
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    OK, I've scheduled the chat for tomorrow: Sunday 2003/05/18 1830 GMT (1930 BST - Apolyton's GMT)


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      A save after I applied Tamerlin's orders
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        Save 990BC
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          What to do with the settler...
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            Sorry I haven't posted the transcript or save yet, with luck I'll get round to that later today sometime...


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              Tamerlin: I had to take a shower, have you started the game
              J_Bytheway: Just loaded it up.
              Locutus: I knew you'd make it, sooner or later
              J_Bytheway: Is there anything else to do at the end of this turn?
              J_Bytheway: I've already covered the State of Lemuria thread.
              Tamerlin: Thanks for your confidence Locutus... check the cities to see if we must add entertainers or remove others
              Locutus: 1040BCb?
              Locutus has left the room.
              Tamerlin: Thanks John, I will catch up the game when you send the next savegame...
              Locutus entered the room.
              J_Bytheway: The save game on the turn thread is still "now"
              Locutus: okay, I'm ready
              J_Bytheway: 1040BCb is the one, Locutus, yes
              Tamerlin: You just have modified the game according to my orders, if yes I can load it...
              Locutus: .k
              J_Bytheway: Yes, I followed your orders before that save
              Tamerlin: Great, loading the game...
              J_Bytheway: Does anyone object to me ending the turn?
              Locutus: not me
              J_Bytheway: OK, ending turn...
              mapfi: i'm just observating so never wait for my signal...
              mapfi: observing...
              Tamerlin: Ready and ending turn...
              J_Bytheway: Map exchange offer from the Thai - I presume I accept (I think I'm the MoDST...)
              Locutus has left the room.
              mapfi: yep do
              J_Bytheway: Will do.
              Tamerlin: I agree accept though I have had nothing from the Thai... and peace proposal to the germans...
              Locutus entered the room.
              Tamerlin: Playing with the shortkeys Locutus...
              J_Bytheway: Accepted, a few squares appeared on the minimap
              Locutus: okay, so this is not gonna work. CtP2 and all my IE windows just crashed on me. I guess I'll just not play along this time. Now Tam is here that shouldn't matter anyway...
              J_Bytheway: And CL needs a unit removed...
              Locutus: shouldn't matter anyway...
              Tamerlin: OK Locutus, checking CL...
              Locutus: one of the the last things I saw was the Thai asking for a map exchange, did you get that too?
              J_Bytheway: Yes
              Locutus: I assume we accepted?
              J_Bytheway: Yes
              Locutus: anything interesting revealed?
              J_Bytheway: Nothing significant, I don't think
              Tamerlin: You should remove a Hoplite from CL and send it to the Austrian front...
              Locutus: 'k
              J_Bytheway: The Thai haven't even explored all their own borders
              Tamerlin: What about a cease fire with the Germans?
              Locutus: didn't we do that 2 turns ago?
              J_Bytheway: Removed a hoplite, moved towards Pedrunnia
              Locutus: do=try
              J_Bytheway: It wasn't long ago that we tried
              J_Bytheway: I doubt it's worth trying again so soon.
              Tamerlin: What do we have to fear?
              Locutus: indeed
              J_Bytheway: Very well, I'll try.
              Locutus: the indeed was to J, not Tam
              Tamerlin: ...
              Locutus: I want my own colour too!
              J_Bytheway: Rejected
              Locutus: I'm shocked!
              J_Bytheway: Mapfi already has blue
              Locutus: he has?
              J_Bytheway: Otherwise I would have used blue...
              Locutus: well, then, I'll go for a more borgish colour
              mapfi: yep
              mapfi: blue is mine¨!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
              Tamerlin: You are a Cameleon Locutus, colour changing everytime...
              Locutus: nah, a cameleon would use white
              J_Bytheway: Anyway, what about the archer by H Town. Where was he going?
              Tamerlin: ORDER: remove an entertainer in every city which happiness is 75 or higher... True about the cameleon...
              J_Bytheway: Chameleons don't change colour to match their wnvironment, they change to match their emotions
              Tamerlin: We should send the archer in Linz...
              Tamerlin: The Hoplites should go to Pilsen...
              Tamerlin: I am happy with red...
              J_Bytheway: Entertainers removed
              Tamerlin: Thanks John...
              J_Bytheway: Why do our cities' happinesses change so much?
              Tamerlin: I was just wondering about it, it's strange...
              J_Bytheway: Moving archer towards Linz...
              Tamerlin: OK
              J_Bytheway: Moved. Also moved hoplite between Wien and Graz into Graz
              mapfi: what's the overall tactical plan? are we planning any attack or are we just sitting around and waiting for new units to be built?
              J_Bytheway: Grouped units in Wien
              J_Bytheway: I don't know. Pedrunn hasn't said anything about after the Pilsen attack
              Tamerlin: We have to recover and build new unists before pushing forward into the Austrian territory...
              J_Bytheway: I'm guessing we should at least consider assembling an attack force, but considering how many units we lost against Pilsen it will take a while.
              Tamerlin: I don't like the garrisons in our inner cities, they are already very weak...
              J_Bytheway: Hoplite north of H Town: just move south?
              Tamerlin: inner territory... sorry!
              mapfi: i'm just wondering... does the pw have to stay at 10%, we only need to build the road to pilesen don't we? scrapping pw would speed production...
              Tamerlin: Send it to Pilsen IMO
              J_Bytheway: OK, moving towards Pilsen. There's even a river to Pilsen, so a road is not crucial
              Tamerlin: We can make a turn at 80% but do we have orders or a delegate from Huhahu...
              J_Bytheway: Settler: E or SE?
              Tamerlin: SE and we should debate about its final destination...
              J_Bytheway: Huhahu's only orders are to build farms and mines with what PW we have.
              Tamerlin: Where?
              mapfi: i meant to lower pw to 0% or then just build mines
              Tamerlin: Yes it would help but I think that a 10% setting help us build a reserve that could be useful in case of emergency...
              J_Bytheway: Lowering PW might be wise. I was running out of tiles it was worth improving.
              Tamerlin: OK, then do we lower it?
              J_Bytheway: Hmm... I think so.
              Tamerlin: OK doing it
              mapfi: i guess locutus is busy playing ron...
              Tamerlin: Ah!
              J_Bytheway: Bait: W?
              Tamerlin: Is it already distributed in Holland...
              J_Bytheway: Settler moved.
              J_Bytheway: No, he has the demo
              Locutus: no, still here. was doing a belgian election questionaire thingie.. always fun
              J_Bytheway: (mapfi: Bait is up by Brunn)
              Tamerlin: West sounds good for Bait...
              J_Bytheway: Belgian election??
              mapfi: thanks - but as said never wait or ask for my opinion, i'll point out the few things that i find to be important for me...
              J_Bytheway: Moved W.
              Locutus: yeah, they have elections in belgium. so usually you get these questionairres to find out what party suits you best
              Locutus: always fun to see where you fit in in such tests, even if you don't live in the relevant country
              Tamerlin: Providence East?
              J_Bytheway: Fair enough...
              Tamerlin: Interesting indeed Locutus...
              J_Bytheway: Yep. Moved East
              Locutus: is apolyton very slow or is that just my PC not being able to handle the load?
              J_Bytheway: It was being slow earlier.
              J_Bytheway: Are we fortifying all of the survivors of the Pilsen attack there?
              Tamerlin: It's OK with me, must be your comp... yes John
              Locutus: for those bored enough
              Cot entered the room.
              J_Bytheway: Fortified. Also fortified the archer north of mapfipolis
              Tamerlin: What about our Archer scout N of Mapfipolis...
              Locutus: hey, CoT
              J_Bytheway: Hello
              Tamerlin: Hi CoT...
              J_Bytheway: He's intended for scouting, I believe
              J_Bytheway: 5 people at once! A new record for my presidency!
              Tamerlin: Yes not to take a 7 german units stack on the back...
              Locutus: lol, J
              Cot: sorry hello
              J_Bytheway: Hmm.. You may have a point there...
              Cot: abit busy!
              Tamerlin: ...
              Locutus: first order of business is for you to pick your own colour, CoT
              J_Bytheway: You don't think our valiant archer can defeat the German horde?
              Tamerlin: I think he can try but that we have fickle gods...
              J_Bytheway: Is it worth retreating him?
              Tamerlin: I won't sacrifice a unit without aby good reason, it is a free pick for the germans...
              J_Bytheway: OK, moving him back to mapfipolis
              Tamerlin: No you can't
              Cot: yes run away
              J_Bytheway: True...
              Tamerlin: IMO we should ask for a cease fire before deciding about its fate...
              J_Bytheway: We should remove that other new archer from mapfipolis anyway to free a spot
              Cot: but dont we want to continue fighting the germans?
              J_Bytheway: And then he would fit
              Tamerlin: No remove a H and perhaps another Archer to free the space for our scout
              Tamerlin: We are producing a H in Mapfipolis
              J_Bytheway: I thought we did want to fight the Germans... but I'm deferring to Tamerlin on this since I have heard nothing from Zaphod at all.
              Tamerlin: Fighting the germans... ????
              J_Bytheway: Well, in the long term...
              Tamerlin: Where is it coming from...
              Tamerlin: In the long term I agree... but I am speaking about short term...
              Tamerlin: Others can also voice their opinion...
              J_Bytheway: Removed H and A from mapfipolis, and retreated archer therein.
              Tamerlin: Where have you moved them?
              Cot: well i guess we are already at war with do we really want to stop. I thought it was polled and it were going to carry on against them?
              mapfi: i thought if we can get a cease fire from the germans we would fight them after we had finished the bloody austrians
              Tamerlin: Yes, and I far as I remember it was destroy Austria and seek peace with the Germans...
              Cot: yeah that could be it
              J_Bytheway: Along the road
              Tamerlin: ...
              Tamerlin: Thanks JB
              J_Bytheway: New Hop in H Town: fortify?
              J_Bytheway: I'll take that as a yes
              Tamerlin: Yep
              Tamerlin: Checking the cities...
              J_Bytheway: Done
              J_Bytheway: Also fortified CL defense
              J_Bytheway: Anything else?
              Locutus: you can take that as a no
              mapfi: using the pw that we have?
              Tamerlin: Remove a H from CL (another is produced next turn and 12 units present)
              Tamerlin: 624 PW pts
              J_Bytheway: I think I only have 11 units present...
              mapfi: yep either road to pilsen or build a mine
              Tamerlin: Sorry I have 12 in my game...
              J_Bytheway: Yes, I removed the Hop already
              Tamerlin: Thanks
              Cot: this may be a daft Q: but have we got Wombertoon back yet? the lack of chat and me missing the last two have got me a bit out of sink(sic!)
              Locutus: yeah, we got it back alright
              Tamerlin: ...
              J_Bytheway: A mine by Pressburg, perhaps?
              Tamerlin: And we too Pilsen from the hands of the Austrians...
              J_Bytheway: Or do you think road is more important?..
              Locutus laughs at mapfi
              Locutus: lol, funny button
              Locutus laughs at mapfi
              Locutus: pitty, only has one emotion
              J_Bytheway tests
              Tamerlin: Could be great... river is connecting our new city though Maquiladad must feel alone...
              mapfi curses
              mapfi: Locutus of course
              Cot: J i changed
              Tamerlin: Red is better... than Green
              Tamerlin: So what do we do with our PW points...
              mapfi: is this a playground or a ctp2dg chat?
              J_Bytheway: Why do the scrollbars in this chat all have a gap at the bottom?
              Cot: LoL
              J_Bytheway: It's both! In one easy-to-use package
              mapfi: because locutus took the cheapest available chat program...
              Cot: It works
              Locutus: actually, the first one I could find
              J_Bytheway: Anyway... any other opinions on PW spending?
              mapfi: well, all we care about is that it works and not about the scrollbars, John!
              Locutus: yeah, I wondered about those scroll bars too...
              Cot: Mapfi did we poll what to do with PW?
              mapfi: nope
              Cot: hmmm
              Tamerlin: Mines could be great... but I think we should also build a commercial outpost...
              Locutus: mine sounds good
              mapfi: no - no more outposts!
              Cot: I like roads UNLESS mines would be much more usefull(like we need lots more PW)
              Tamerlin: OK, ok!
              Tamerlin: Mines then... where?
              Cot: in the hils and valleys
              J_Bytheway: Pressburg or Maquiladad have the only hills
              J_Bytheway: I think
              Locutus: whatever city has the highest production and room for plenty of them...
              Cot nods:
              J_Bytheway: OK, I've put one W of Pressburg
              J_Bytheway: Maquiladad is too small for now...
              Tamerlin: Graz and Pedunnia are producing at 186... 1 hill for G... 2 for P
              Tamerlin: One W?
              Tamerlin: Ok
              J_Bytheway: west
              Cot: oh yeah make sure we have enough of a garrison to sorti out to protect any TI's
              J_Bytheway: Anything else this turn?
              J_Bytheway: OK, ending turn...
              Tamerlin: Mapfipolis would need a farm
              Tamerlin: If not you can end...
              Cot: mapfi can decide on that
              Evil-One-Of-Froz entered the room.
              Tamerlin: Hi...
              Evil-One-Of-Froz: Hey
              Cot: hello Frozzy
              Evil-One-Of-Froz: Hey Cot
              Locutus: wow, J, your record is rising even further...
              Tamerlin: 6 in the Chat Room... arty:
              Cot: stick out toungue-arty?!
              Tamerlin: Strange one... must be arty:
              Evil-One-Of-Froz Party
              J_Bytheway: Hello!
              Tamerlin: or... arty:
              Evil-One-Of-Froz: Hey J
              Tamerlin: Same result... with p or P...
              Tamerlin: Do we end the turn?
              J_Bytheway: END TURN 149 - and a new millenium begins!
              J_Bytheway: We have Geometry now
              Locutus: this ain't 'Poly, no arty: smily here
              J_Bytheway: Options are Ship Building, Iron working and masonry
              Evil-One-Of-Froz: Nice smileys
              Locutus: that'll do, instead
              Tamerlin: Iron working seems mandatory...
              Locutus: Iron
              Evil-One-Of-Froz: Iron working
              J_Bytheway: That's just about unanimous, then. Iron it is.
              Evil-One-Of-Froz is currently away.
              Evil-One-Of-Froz is back again.
              Evil-One-Of-Froz: Ignore me.
              Evil-One-Of-Froz: This chat seems a novelty compared to IRC.
              Locutus: *everyone* tries out that button at some point
              J_Bytheway: We're in the classical age, too!
              Evil-One-Of-Froz: Yay!
              Tamerlin: even me...
              J_Bytheway: I tried out the button when noone else was here, or possibly just Loc...
              Locutus: it's an... interesting chat feature...
              Evil-One-Of-Froz: What does the eye button do. Next to the away button.
              Locutus: wutang!
              Locutus: I like classic
              Tamerlin: Come on youngsters... and if we played the game...
              Locutus: I have no clue
              J_Bytheway: It's probably registered-only
              Locutus: I guess so
              Evil-One-Of-Froz: kolours are kool Tam... get with the times
              J_Bytheway: We have a whole bunch of new units this turn...
              Tamerlin: True... but we have a DG to play...
              J_Bytheway: So, Settler: SE?
              Tamerlin: We should as for a Cease fire with the gr
              Tamerlin: ...Germans
              Tamerlin: SE yes
              J_Bytheway: No more cease firing for at least two more turns!
              J_Bytheway p
              Tamerlin: ..
              J_Bytheway: .
              Locutus: wow, this chat room is a serious drain on my bandwidth: KaZaa has a whopping d/l speed of 1.07 kB/s now...
              Locutus D
              Locutus: ..
              Evil-One-Of-Froz: 28.8k speeds
              J_Bytheway: Probably I should be hosting, I'm almost certainly on the best connection of anyone here...
              Locutus: indeedie...
              Tamerlin: You are an bad boy Locutus... KaZaa... tch, tch, tch!
              Locutus: well, my cable isn't too bad either... just poorly programmed server, I expect
              Evil-One-Of-Froz: Thinkof all the royalties you're prohibiting from Hollywood Fat Cats!
              Locutus: not everything on KaZaa is illegal, Tam
              Tamerlin: Yes...
              J_Bytheway: Settler moved
              Tamerlin: ...
              Tamerlin: Done
              mapfi: hey, i just missed a few minutes and this stupid thing doesn't let me scroll back!!!!!
              Evil-One-Of-Froz: Yes it does.
              J_Bytheway: Hit the save chat session button
              Evil-One-Of-Froz: You just have to scroll down to scroll up.
              Locutus: seems to work okay for me...
              J_Bytheway: It'll pop up a window for you with everything since logon
              Evil-One-Of-Froz: Though it deletes some of it.
              Evil-One-Of-Froz wonders if the /me command works
              J_Bytheway: I'm going to run through these other units fairly fast. Yell soon if you want anything special done.
              Evil-One-Of-Froz: Yay!
              Tamerlin: OK, group and fortify into their city of origin...
              J_Bytheway: Hoplite by H Town: moving S
              J_Bytheway: Archer by Graz - towards Linz
              J_Bytheway: Hoplite in Graz - grouping
              J_Bytheway: Archer in Linz - fortifying
              J_Bytheway: Hoplite in Pilsen - fortifying
              J_Bytheway: Hop in Pressburg - grouping
              Evil-One-Of-Froz: Were we not meant to change the names of conquered cities? I seem to remember numerous polls about it.
              mapfi: scroll down to scroll up - how whciked is this!
              J_Bytheway: Archer in mapfipolis - grouping
              J_Bytheway: A/H by CL - moving towards Pedrunnia
              J_Bytheway: Providence - moving E
              J_Bytheway: Hop in Wombatoon - grouping
              J_Bytheway: Hop by Pedrunnia - moving along road past Pedrunnia to the west
              Locutus is currently away.
              J_Bytheway: The results of the city renaming polls wwere varied, and I'm too lazy to do anything about Pilsen at the moment
              J_Bytheway: Archer in Wien - moving towards Graz
              J_Bytheway: So, now I'll start asking for opinions again
              J_Bytheway: New Hop in CL: should we leave it there for defense against the German stack, or move it out to make space?
              Cot has left the room.
              Tamerlin: Sorry, a phone call from Gilgamesch which says hello to everybody...
              J_Bytheway: A phone call?
              Evil-One-Of-Froz: Phonecall?
              J_Bytheway: A real one, or over the net?
              Tamerlin: Yep... he leaves in France...
              Tamerlin: A real one...
              J_Bytheway: Well, if you're still talking say hello from me too.


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                Locutus is back again.
                J_Bytheway: Any opinions about the Hop?
                Tamerlin: We are no more talking now...
                J_Bytheway: And you need to talk about that settler, too. I don't know what we should do with it...
                Tamerlin: Sorry John, catching up with the chat so I can't answer...
                Tamerlin: True about the S
                Locutus: did you tell Gilg to get his butt over here ASAP?
                Tamerlin: Hê could not make it...
                Tamerlin: New hop in CL can wait here...
                Tamerlin: Bait West...?
                COT entered the room.
                J_Bytheway: Yes, west, I think.
                J_Bytheway: Incidentally, anyone who wants a save game, just ask.
                Locutus: I wish I had a use for it...
                J_Bytheway: Hop fortified, bait moved west
                J_Bytheway: That's all the units. Anything else this turn?
                Tamerlin: Could be great to have a save ... checking our cities...
                COT: I dissapeared. does it time you out after a while?
                J_Bytheway: Yes, Locutus said he'd turn it off, but he hasn't
                Locutus: COT: yup, forgot to disable that setting (again)
                COT: are we done and will it all get posted at poly tonight?
                J_Bytheway: We're not done, and I'll post it so long as I don't get logged off for some reason.
                Tamerlin: We need to remove some units from some of our cities if we don't want to lose a turn... check please John... remove a unit of the type produced next turn..
                J_Bytheway: It's OK, none of the cities building have 12 in at present.
                J_Bytheway: So, end turn?
                Tamerlin: fine... i have not moved them so...
                J_Bytheway: I'll post a save game at the start of next turn.
                Tamerlin: Yes... and thanks
                mapfi has left the room.
                Locutus: okay, I changed the timeout setting now, so I won't forget (Won't work until the server is rebooted though)
                mapfi entered the room.
                mapfi: i got kicked of course...
                Locutus: that's what you get for idling
                J_Bytheway: We're down to 3-figure dates, just to mess up the sorting of the turns.. Grr..
                Evil-One-Of-Froz: BC still?
                Locutus: WinXP seems to handle that okay...
                Locutus: yup
                Locutus: most of the time, anyway
                COT: XP yuk
                J_Bytheway: Save posted.
                COT: Yep BC
                J_Bytheway: And now that you mention it, they are in the right order...
                Locutus: XP is the best M$ OS since Dos 5.1
                Tamerlin: I am using win2000 Pro and I am quite happy with it...
                Locutus: of course, Linux and Solaris still kick its ass
                J_Bytheway: It's pretty good except it won't do CTP MP half the time...
                Locutus: but they don't do games
                J_Bytheway: Tamerlin - tell us when you've got the dave loaded.
                J_Bytheway: Well, they don't do many games, anyway...
                Locutus: ah, yes, old games can be a pain to get to work properly on XP...
                J_Bytheway: and dave->save
                Locutus: indeed
                Evil-One-Of-Froz works on his CtP scenario
                COT: I play old stuff and 98se is ok
                J_Bytheway: Grouped archer in Maquiladad
                J_Bytheway: 95 is the best OS for game playing, IMHO.
                Locutus: what's it about, anyway, Froz? I read you were working on something but I seem to have overlooked the thread in the CtP-Creation forum *hint* *hint*
                Locutus: *hint* *hint*
                J_Bytheway: I was running that until I got a new laptop with XP
                Evil-One-Of-Froz: lol
                Evil-One-Of-Froz: It's an imperial age scenario.
                J_Bytheway: The CTP-creation forum is in dire need of posts, lest it be shut down.
                Locutus: yeah, that's true. though M$ stopped officially supporting it, which could start to become a problem in the future
                Locutus: not to worry, it won't be shut down as long as I'm a staff member
                Evil-One-Of-Froz: lol
                J_Bytheway: That's good to know
                Tamerlin: Game loaded...
                Locutus: sounds interesting, Froz, post a thread and I'll post a news item
                J_Bytheway: OK. I grouped the archer in Maquiladad but nothing else so far
                Evil-One-Of-Froz: Sue
                Evil-One-Of-Froz: *Sure
                Tamerlin: Done
                Evil-One-Of-Froz: Sue...
                COT: nice smilies Locutus, i think i know what this chat would normally be used for and CTP was a good game - i just like CTP2 better.
                J_Bytheway: I should also mention we have a German 12-stack near mapfipolis
                COT: KIll them - or make friends?
                Locutus: ouch...
                Locutus: do we have enough defenses in nearby cities?
                Tamerlin: Aaargh! Time to ask a cease fire...
                J_Bytheway: New unit in Wels: leave it there or make a space?
                Tamerlin: 12 units in Mapfipolis
                Tamerlin: Should stay here IMO
                J_Bytheway: Hoplite and archer by Graz both moving towards Linz
                COT: they should be fine..........
                COT: Tamerlin do you think germany would go for a cease-fire?
                Tamerlin: I don't know but we should try anyway...
                J_Bytheway: Archer between Wien and Graz moved into Graz
                J_Bytheway: What about that settler this turn?
                Tamerlin: Germany is also at war with England and Thailand...
                Tamerlin: SE
                mapfi: ok guys, sorry for not participating more actively - ad a few other things to do on the comp as well and now it's time for me to go towards the bedroom... see-ya
                mapfi has left the room.
                COT: bye
                Tamerlin: Bye mapfi
                Tamerlin: Too late!
                J_Bytheway: Archer in H Town grouped
                COT: me too.
                Tamerlin: bye CoT...
                COT: no i meant i was too late too
                Tamerlin: OK...
                Evil-One-Of-Froz: German -> English war... nothing new
                Locutus: ah, ok. I thought you had grouped yourself in H Town
                Tamerlin: Yep, but perhaps Germany needs a break...
                J_Bytheway: Bait sees signs of another Austrian city... go W?
                J_Bytheway: (The signs being a deformed city radius)
                Evil-One-Of-Froz: How weak are the Austrians now?
                Tamerlin: Yes W
                Tamerlin: They are still military stronger than us...
                J_Bytheway: New city spotted - Ostrau
                J_Bytheway: Providence moved E
                Tamerlin: No they are weaker than us sorry...
                J_Bytheway: They're ahead in Economic and sci, though, and just about even overall
                Evil-One-Of-Froz points Locutus in the direction of CtP-Creation
                Tamerlin: I think we have now a stronger production ratio than them...
                COT: try to offer treaty to germans?
                Tamerlin: Yes... pleaaaase...
                J_Bytheway: Oh, very well. If it'll make you happy...
                Tamerlin: Yes it will...
                COT: (i know they'll decline )
                J_Bytheway: Rejected
                COT: and then we can smite them
                J_Bytheway: Grouped archer in Wels
                Tamerlin: ...
                Locutus: Froz: will post news later tonight or tomorrow morning (European time )
                Tamerlin: Accepted in my game...
                J_Bytheway: Moved H/A near Pedrunnia along road past Pedrunnia to the west. Spotted another German pikeman
                Locutus: RNG at work again...
                Tamerlin: I am sorry John, I have not saved before the proposal so I would need another save sooner or later...
                J_Bytheway: (He's standing on the river NW-NW-N of Pedrunnia)
                Locutus: Tam, J: what tone did you guys use? Meek?
                Tamerlin: Meek
                J_Bytheway: I doubt it will actually make much difference...
                J_Bytheway: Meek
                Tamerlin: However this means our regard as improved with the germans...
                J_Bytheway: (My doubts were about the treaty, not the meekness)
                Locutus: well, since you exchanged saves only a short time ago, the AI in John's game can't be far off from accepting cease-fire either...
                Tamerlin: Right... next turn?
                Locutus: maybe give 100 gold?
                Tamerlin: Could be the little thing missing...
                Evil-One-Of-Froz has left the room.
                J_Bytheway: Possibly... Is it worth it?
                Tamerlin: We have 4369 Gold so I think it is worth...
                J_Bytheway: Yes, I guess so.
                J_Bytheway: If I give this turn it will only affect next turn, right?
                Locutus: well, I don't think the war with austria is about to be ended so temporarilly getting rid of one front can't be bad...
                Locutus: indeed
                Tamerlin: I agree with you Locutus...
                J_Bytheway: OK, will give 100 gold.
                Tamerlin: Fine
                J_Bytheway: Accepted (surprise, surprise!)
                Tamerlin: ...
                Frozzy entered the room.
                COT: ok cool
                J_Bytheway: Hello again
                Frozzy: As soon as I use IE, my 56k cuts out.
                Frozzy: Viva Opera!
                COT: how long before their stack attacks Mapfi?
                Tamerlin: So why are you using IE?
                J_Bytheway: It could attack next turn
                Locutus: that's what you get for using M$ products
                J_Bytheway: Where should we send the hop near Pedrunnia?
                J_Bytheway: towards Wombatoon, or Graz?
                COT: the least defended?
                J_Bytheway: I guess it's headed for Pilsen, so I'll go towards Wombatton for the moment
                Tamerlin: I would send it to Pedrunnia which could allow to build up our defenses in CL or Mapfipolis next turn... if we survive...
                COT: yes nearer to Mapfipolis to reinforce after attack
                J_Bytheway: Hmm... That may have been a good idea, but it's too late now. Sorry
                Tamerlin: ..... :crying:
                J_Bytheway: I'm playing very dictatorially, but you don't answer my questions :sob: so I have no choice
                J_Bytheway: And then when you do, it's too late
                Frozzy: I say we kill him!
                J_Bytheway: Ah well, I still need orders about the settler.
                Tamerlin: Let me the time to check my game...
                Tamerlin: SE... and we should talk about its final destination...
                J_Bytheway: Does anyone have any ideas what we shoudl do with it at all?
                Tamerlin: Grasslands F:15, P:5, C:5?
                Locutus points Frozzy in the direction of CtP Creation
                Tamerlin: Between Wien and Pressburg, North-west of Graz...
                J_Bytheway: Err... I don't know...
                Tamerlin: If we should create a city it seems to be a good location...
                Frozzy moves to CtP-Creation
                J_Bytheway: 5 squares NW of Graz looks good, yes...
                Tamerlin: Exactly the spot I mentioned...
                J_Bytheway: Any other opinions?
                Tamerlin: Do the other think we should disband it in a city to increase our pop?
                Locutus: I'm looking for a screenie...
                J_Bytheway: Do we need to add any further units to accompany it? There's a barb archer near there.
                J_Bytheway: I don't think pop increase would be a productive use of it.
                J_Bytheway: I'll post a screen
                COT: whats our city limit threshold at the moment?
                Tamerlin: I was about to ask the same question, I would send another H and an Archer, or hunt the said Barbarian with units from Wien...
                Tamerlin: We have 12 cities and I suppose it is 15
                Locutus: good point. we should only build new cities if it's in a really good location. all those german and austrian cities will really push us to the limit
                Tamerlin: No it's 20
                COT: 7 spare for conquest - seems ok?
                Locutus: well, germany has 20ish cities
                COT: not for long
                Tamerlin: Yes it is and the Austrians have many cities that would be destroyed by an assault or unsuitable for keeping...
                Locutus: indeed. CoT, that's why we should be easy on the city building
                J_Bytheway: Screen posted.
                J_Bytheway: With much consternation
                COT: [goes for a look]
                J_Bytheway: It's not really a great spot, except that it fits well with our current borders.
                J_Bytheway: 3 swamps in immediate radius
                Locutus: 3 swamp, not great
                Locutus: I'd say disband the settler in a city
                Tamerlin: In Pedrunnia?
                COT: SWAMP!?
                COT: what about the grapes?
                J_Bytheway: Anyway, I've moved the settler SW this turn
                Locutus: normally I'd say mapfipolis, but not so sure now
                J_Bytheway: Maquiladad needs pop...
                Frozzy has replied to Locutus in CtP-Creation
                Tamerlin: Too far away
                Locutus: poor growth site
                Tamerlin: With 3 grasslands?
                Locutus: I was talking about the grapes site
                Tamerlin: OK
                Locutus moves to CtP Creation
                Locutus: excellent. now I actually have something to fill the news item with
                Tamerlin: Talking about CtP or CtP2?
                Locutus: CtP1
                J_Bytheway: Keep talking, but also: anything else this turn?
                Locutus: but I still have some CtP2 news items in the pipeline as well
                Tamerlin: Check the cities about Hapinness, add or remove entertainers as required...
                Tamerlin: Bad or good news...
                Tamerlin: Check the BQ and the need to move out units or not to make some space for the new units that would be produced next turn...
                J_Bytheway: CL has 12 units and is about to build, but could be attacked by a 7-stack. Should I remove one?
                Tamerlin: IMO no
                Locutus: how far along are you, Froz? still just brainstorming or do you actually have some kind of beginning of a map+cities already?
                Locutus: Tam: check the news to stay informed!
                Frozzy: I'm mainly reseaching, though I've begun experimenting with map placings.
                Tamerlin: I am checking everyday...
                Locutus: cool
                J_Bytheway: It's been ages since I looked at the news on 'Poly. It seemed to be all about Civ3 around the release and I got bored.
                COT: Locutus do i detect a misty eye for the old modding days
                Locutus: well, keep it up and your patience will be rewarded
                Locutus: indeed, CoT, I wish I still had time for that
                COT: Me too!
                Locutus: well, not much has changed. just replace Civ3 with RoN
                Frozzy: I wish I could get RoN.
                J_Bytheway: Well, in the abscence of other opinions, I'll leave the 12 units in CL.
                Tamerlin: ...
                Frozzy: My graphics card is moot.
                Locutus: but not to worry, with 2 new full news editors (Gramphos and yours truly) hopefully the news will get a bit more diverse in the future
                Tamerlin: Good idea IMO John
                COT: yeah sorry J leave it for now just in case.....
                J_Bytheway: RoN at least looks more interesting than Civ3, but I'm too stingy to pay for it.
                Tamerlin: Any game is more interesting than civ3...
                Locutus: yeah, the graphics card issue s*cks bigtime. but fortunately it works like a charm for me
                Locutus: I will await player reviews (not like I have a choice living in Europe ) and then probably buy it. demo seems pretty good...
                Tamerlin: It is a real time game...
                Locutus: and Brian never let me down before...
                COT: I think this may be different
                Locutus: Real Time Civ, Tam, I'm willing to make an exception there
                J_Bytheway: END TURN 151


                • #9
                  Tamerlin: I agree, but I will test it via "other means to get it" before buying it...
                  J_Bytheway: Bait killed by an Austrian sortie
                  Tamerlin: ...
                  Locutus: there's a demo, so no need for piracy, Tam
                  Tamerlin: Right...
                  Locutus: well, about time. he was supposed to have died centuries ago
                  J_Bytheway: and a hop wandering around got shot down by a barb catapult
                  J_Bytheway: (Although it looked like he might win for a minute...)
                  Locutus: I'm surprised to see he didn't...
                  Tamerlin: I am extremely wary of any so called "strategy" game in real time... Where is this catapult?
                  J_Bytheway: the catapult FP of 2 makes a big difference
                  Tamerlin: Yes but facing a foot unit it should not win...
                  J_Bytheway: S-SE of Graz
                  Tamerlin: Thanks
                  Locutus: well, the 2 defense isn't bad either... but you have a point, forgot about the extra FP
                  Tamerlin: As I am at peace with Germany in my game I don't play along...
                  J_Bytheway: They must have been a well-armed catapult crew
                  J_Bytheway: Germany didn't atteck us. Shall I offer a cease-fire now?
                  Locutus: Tam, I can assure you Brian got plenty of strategy in this one...
                  Tamerlin: You need with other weapons than pointy sticks...
                  Tamerlin: I will dowbload the demo and give it a try then...
                  Locutus: yeah
                  Tamerlin: download...
                  COT: Yes ceasefire - with gold?or without?
                  Locutus: yeah@cease-fire that is
                  Tamerlin: Ceasefire without gold... meek!
                  J_Bytheway: Rejected!
                  Locutus nods
                  Tamerlin: ...
                  Locutus: ..
                  J_Bytheway: The Germans are obviously more nice to the French...
                  Tamerlin: ... this is the "entente cordiale"...
                  J_Bytheway: Moved archer into Linz, grouped everything there
                  J_Bytheway: grouped in Pressburg, also
                  Tamerlin: ok
                  J_Bytheway: Grouped in Graz
                  J_Bytheway: Have you decided what to do with this settler yet?
                  Tamerlin: We have to agree about the city it will be disbanded in...
                  Tamerlin: Pedrunnia as far as I am concerned
                  J_Bytheway: Pedrunnia is in range of a German stack, so shall I add the two units just outside and fortify?
                  Locutus: I'd prefer a low-growth high-production city
                  Tamerlin: Yes
                  COT: re Brian: One thing i feel it may suffer from is a problem of paceing - an age will be over before you get to know it.....that kind of thing.
                  J_Bytheway: It's also lacking city walls for the next two turns
                  J_Bytheway: That's why I reckon Maquiladad, although it is a bit far...
                  COT: Yes fortify
                  Locutus: CoT: yeah, that's a problem in the Demo, but in the retail version you have an option to set the price/duration of new techs...
                  J_Bytheway: Done
                  Tamerlin: Wien looks like an appropriate destination Locutus...
                  J_Bytheway: Now Providence has a choice: N or NE?
                  Tamerlin: I would say NE
                  J_Bytheway: Wien would be good, yes
                  J_Bytheway: OK, will go NE
                  Locutus: since I don't have a map I'll leave it to others to decide on a specific city...
                  J_Bytheway: Also, moved new Hop out of Wien towards Graz to make space.
                  J_Bytheway: Is there a limit to how large a city you can add settlersto?
                  Tamerlin: Gentlemen I will have to leave in a few minutes... I have played Volley-Ball this afternoon for 4 hours and I have not yet eaten... I would eat my keyboard...
                  Tamerlin: John... I don't know
                  J_Bytheway: I need to get to bed too, but I'll try to finish the turn first.
                  Tamerlin: Ok, it is fine for me...
                  J_Bytheway: Settler towards Wien, then, which means heading for the nearest road, I guess.
                  Tamerlin: Yes
                  Frozzy: I was almost kicked
                  J_Bytheway: E?
                  J_Bytheway: That is, settler E?
                  COT: yes.....
                  Tamerlin: I don't have the map anymore John, I don't play along as I am at peace with the Germans...
                  Tamerlin: E sounds good...
                  J_Bytheway: Done.
                  J_Bytheway: So am I the only one playing now?
                  Tamerlin: I fear this the case...
                  Locutus: well, I sure ain't...
                  J_Bytheway: OK, I'll stop giving detailed explanation, then.
                  COT: not me
                  Tamerlin: ... OK
                  J_Bytheway: How many units should I sortie with from Graz to kill the nearby barb units? There's an archer and a catapult (seperately)
                  COT: J shouldn't that be the other way around
                  Tamerlin: 3 H and 3 A, could come from different cities...
                  Frozzy has left the room.
                  J_Bytheway: COT: Well you don't really care about every last unit I fortify, do you?
                  J_Bytheway: They couldn't get there in 1 turn from any other city
                  Locutus: if they're on different tiles and can't meet up before we interfere, 2H2A should do... but 3/3 is fine as well
                  J_Bytheway: Graz contains 6H/5A total
                  Tamerlin: 3 H and 3 A from Graz sounds good...
                  J_Bytheway: Should I attack both with 2H/2A? Then I can do both now, and leave 2H/1A in Graz.
                  COT: ummmm no i supose not
                  J_Bytheway: The archer could pilliage next turn.
                  COT: unless it leads to our civ being killed
                  J_Bytheway: If I use 3H/3A, which should I attack?
                  Tamerlin: Would be a good idea to be rid off these bugs...
                  J_Bytheway: I favour 2*2/2
                  Tamerlin: The catapult is a higher threat IMO
                  J_Bytheway: But the cat can't pilliage...
                  Locutus: sounds good,J
                  Tamerlin: Right... attack the Archer then
                  COT: go for the archer then the catapult
                  Tamerlin: Same for me
                  J_Bytheway: OK. We'll play it safe then 3H/3A on the archer.
                  Locutus: 'k
                  COT: respect
                  J_Bytheway: A decisive victory.
                  Tamerlin: ...
                  J_Bytheway: Minimal damage
                  J_Bytheway: 3 veterans!
                  Locutus: too bad it means nothing...
                  J_Bytheway: Indeed...
                  Tamerlin: Nothing at all?
                  COT: it means something to those men
                  Locutus: well, it looks purty...
                  Tamerlin: and medals are cool for soldiers...
                  COT: yeah we like medals
                  J_Bytheway: Again we have the dilemma of units being build in full cities which could be attacked - this time CL (7-stack) and mapfi (12-stack). Should I remove anything?
                  J_Bytheway: build->built
                  Tamerlin: IMO you shouldn't and we should ask again for a cease fire.... perhaps even giving 100 gold again...
                  COT: 7 stack ok
                  COT: 12 stack ok
                  Tamerlin: Ask again next turn of course
                  COT: we are at peace with the germans no?
                  J_Bytheway: No
                  Tamerlin: No we are not...
                  J_Bytheway: And I've already asked this turn
                  COT: ah gads!
                  J_Bytheway: I could give more gold
                  J_Bytheway: But I don't think it does much if you've already done so
                  Tamerlin: Yes about the Cease Fire.... we can still give them another 100 Gold
                  J_Bytheway: recently
                  Locutus: I doubt giving 100 gold would do much. more gold might just, but still a slim chance...
                  COT: near12 stack keep safe for now but remove to make space at other?
                  Tamerlin: In CL could be made yes... but if there are samurais in the German army it could be fatal...
                  J_Bytheway: Unfortunately the 7-stack is blocking the way out I'd like to use for the removed units, but we could go out the other way.
                  J_Bytheway: It has at least a hop and archer in, so at most 5 samurai
                  Locutus: actually, at most 10
                  COT: are we risk takers or not?
                  J_Bytheway: I say we gamble and remove it.
                  Tamerlin: OK
                  J_Bytheway: (Loc - this is the 7-stack)
                  Locutus: fine with me
                  Locutus: ah...
                  Locutus: then I don't fear them...
                  COT: what?
                  COT: sorry
                  Tamerlin: John, could you check the happiness in our cities...
                  J_Bytheway: Moved.
                  J_Bytheway: Happiness checked
                  J_Bytheway: already
                  Tamerlin: Thanks
                  J_Bytheway: Shall I end the turn or stop now?
                  Locutus: stopping sounds good. I'm getting tired...
                  Tamerlin: I would appreciate, I am starving...
                  J_Bytheway: OK. Stop now then.