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those crappy tile improvements

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  • those crappy tile improvements

    hi guys,
    im really sick of those truly awful Hydroponic farms,automated fisherys and mega mines they look disgusting and there really big and i often have trouble finding my units which is a real pain so i was wondering if you guys could help me , i wanna still have Hydroponic farms etc but i want to use the advanced farms ,fisherys and mines graphics for them because they look ok , so how do i do this ? any help please.

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    I think an easy way would be to alter the sprite id's of the improvements you wish to change to the id's of the ones you wish to use. But you will not be able to readily distinguish between an advanced type improvement and one yet to be upgraded, just from looking anyways. And in a big civ it could get annoying having to click every tile to remember which you'd upgraded. Anyways...if that's what you're after dude, I think changin the sprite id's is simple enough.
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      Here is a threat that already deals with the TilesetIndex in the tileimp.txt:

      The TilesetIndex will display the finished tile improvement on the map.
      The ConstructionTiles will display a not finished tile improvement on the.
      TilesetIndex and ConstructionTiles use the same numbers.
      Actually there are the ConstructionTiles but only the middle one is used. By the way it is no problem to distinguish between an advanced type improvement and one yet to be upgraded, because you can build an advance tileimprovement on a yet to be upgratded tileimprovement. But Fuzzball is also correct, because it is boring to have it in the mind which tile improvement must be upgraded and to see no different between the two types of tile improvements.


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