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    does anyone know of a program i could use to make 16 bit tgas. also, i found one to view tiffs, but they come out in only 5 colors. is this right? I would like to know of one to view those 2. Can anyone help here? (also, please dont say photoshop, i have a limited budget )
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    photoshop.... er um hacked? Must be somewhere out there...


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      Recently I bougt Paint Shop Pro 4.15, not the newest version but it was cheap. Maybe you find an older version somewhere.

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        I use the demo jersion of psp7 from the website, it does everything, but only lasts 60 days. Then... I download it again
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          The Jasc website?

          I also downloaded a demo from this site, and after 60 days it didn't work even after an reinstallation, because they buged my hard drive. You can play a little bit around with your computer clock. and (to jasc)
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            Hi there,

            Do Y'all know of a program which comes in very handy in this sort of situations.
            You see...what companies do when you install trialsoftware, they install a register key which does not get deleted EVER !!!

            So you need a proggie which could look in the register and see what key the program calls for and then you could manually delete it !
            Resetting the eval period !

            All this of course I have NEVER done

            The program is called regmonitor by, and it's FREE !

            First start up Regmon, then the proggie you want, you will see that the proggie is checking all sorts of keys.
            Then stop regmon from looking, and go searching for strange keys, like I have found once a key called "Tenosa", when you find something like it just delete it !

            good luck !
            Hope it works !


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              i dont know if works but Gimp claims to be able to edit almost any file format, and its free.
              i just look at it and it can do tga

              find it at

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